Winners of GIVEAWAY from Why I kissed you!

To all that took part in Christine Combe’s giveaway, here on my book, the winners have just been announced! I have attached Christine’s blog, where she announces the winners. So congratulations!

EBook winners;

Interests of a Jane Austen Girl — darcybennet

My Vices and Weaknesses — Glory

But Do Not Faint — Luthien84

So Little Time — Colleen

From Pemberley to Milton — Glynis

All That They Desire — foreverHis

My Jane Austen Book Club — Maggie

Austenesque Reviews — Dung

Paperback winner



If you are a winner, please contact Christine Combe by email so that she can arrange to get your prize to you. And once again, thank you all so very much for your continued support!

I will be back shortly with more books, giveaways, guest posts and reviews.


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