The Bennet Affair

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Spies, secret tunnels, codes, France vs England, – and Longbourn involved? Sounds like something you would like, then join me for the review of this new book by Riana Everly. Another author who is a returning factor here with me.


A tale of secrets, sweethearts, and spies!

Elizabeth Bennet’s bedroom in the ancient tower of Longbourn has always been her private haven. So what are those footsteps and shuffling noises she’s now hearing from the room above her head? Drawn from her bed one dark summer night, her clandestine investigations land her in the middle of what looks like a gang of French spies!

William Darcy’s summer has been awful so far, especially after barely rescuing his sister from a most injudicious elopement. Then he is attacked and almost killed nearly at his own front door in one of the best parts of London. Luckily his saviour and new friend, Lord Stanton, has a grand suggestion—recuperate in the countryside and help uncover the workings of a ring of French spies, rumoured to be led by none other than country squire Thomas Bennet!

Drawn together as they work to uncover the truth about the Frenchmen hiding in their midst, Elizabeth and Darcy must use all their intellect as they are confronted with an ingenious code machine, a variety of clockwork devices, ancient secrets and very modern traitors to the Crown. And somewhere along the line, they just might lose their hearts and discover true love—assuming they survive what they learn in the Bennet affair.


During a thunderstorm at Longbourn, Elizabeth wakes up and hears a sound which sounds incredibly like footsteps, but in the attic, in the middle of the night?

Intriguing and brilliant was words I uttered while reading. Riana had me hooked nearly from page 1, and didn’t let me go again until the very end.

In London, we meet Darcy who is beaten by a gang of bad guys and are helped by Lord Stanton, and soon are asked to help to retrieve an item from the ‘traitorous’ Bennet, who is believed to be a French spy and whose home is in Hertfordshire.

Soon a race against unknown enemies, time, honour and emotions, and soon more unknown history are revealed about the Bennet’s, Darcy and who the real traitor is.

While the romance between Darcy and Elizabeth evolves, the plot tightens around the Bennets, Darcy and the confederates of both sides as the conflict between France and England is coming to ahead.

I was pleased to note that for once Wickham was on the right side, which made me chuckle quite a lot. The ending was worth quite a few sighs, some shakes of the head and of course a delighted smile with the ending, a perfectly romantic ending.

Riana Everly had a masterful way of writing both the good guys and the bad guys, especially Darcy and Mr Bennet was especially well written, in my opinion. The whole plot which takes place during the conflict between France and England was beyond all expectations! I will judge this book to no less than 5 stars or Austen’s.

My inspiration behind The Bennet Affair

Inspiration can come from the strangest places. In the case of my new book, The Bennet Affair, it came from an on-line computer science course.

A few years ago, I discovered Coursera and EdX, and started taking courses in various disciplines, purely for my own edification. If Mr Darcy likes a woman who improves her mind through extensive reading, how much more should he approve of one who learns about art history and musical sound recording and the like? After a few of these, I decided to break out of my comfort zone and do a course in computer science.

There’s no point belabouring the fact that I am not a computer scientist, nor will I ever be. But one of the assignments involved writing a program to break the Caesar cypher, and after that, to break the Vigenère cypher. The computer programs completely eluded me, but I became fascinated by the cyphers.

To give you a taste, the Caesar cypher shifts all the letters of a message a certain distance along with the alphabet. So, for example, all As becomes Bs, all Bs become Cs, etc.

Well, our heroes are a resourceful crew, and they had as much fun with the cyphers as I did. They would probably even manage to write that elusive computer program to crack the cypher, if only they had access to our technology.

The code machine that figures in the story is my own invention, but it was inspired by some of the amazing clockwork and mechanical marvels of the eighteenth century. Before the age of computers and robots, brilliant craftsmen were building beautiful music boxes and automata who could write notes with pen and ink and play actual musical instruments. The more I researched, the more fascinated I became, and the more convinced I was that we needed some brilliant technological gadget in the story too.

I have a couple of other projects in the works as well. I have three books of a six-book mystery series written, starring Mary Bennet, and I am about a quarter the way through a story featuring Colonel Fitzwilliam. I’m hoping to take advantage of April’s Camp NaNo to get further into his story.

Hopefully, my take on these ideas will keep people amused and happy for a while. Enjoy my tale of secrets, sweethearts, and spies!

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At the top, the narrow stairwell flattened to a small landing, which led to a secret panel similar to that in her own chamber. This one, however, was older and had not been repaired when the lower storeys had been improved some fifty or sixty years past, and the wood was cracked and shrunken. Pressing her face against the panel, she could see into the room through a chink where the panel met the wall. Her view was not complete, but it showed her much of the centre of the chamber. Covering her lamp so the light would not be seen, she put her eye to the crack and peered through.

She should have seen nothing. The room should have been in complete darkness. How strange, then, and yet how expected it was, that the space was filled with light. This was not the sudden and fitful burst of lightning upon an empty space, but the steady and warm glow of a lamp, shedding its golden light throughout the cavernous space. The draperies were drawn and the sound of the storm scarcely permeated into her concealed closet, but the room was not silent. Men were talking, barely whispering, and moving objects from place to place. This must-have caused the noise that had awakened her. A large table was already set up in the centre of the space, and she could see the end of a cot at the edge of her field of vision. And there, by the window, was the side of the heavy desk that had lain dusty for too many years. She tried to shift to see further to the side of her narrow tunnel, but her robe caught on a nail and she nearly made a noise as she heard the fabric tear. She held her breath, but the whispering men seemed not to notice anything amiss.

Now she could hear distinct voices. There were two men—or two who were speaking, at any rate. To her alarm, the language was French.

Comment Puis-Je Vous remercier? the first voice whispered. How can I ever thank you? Elizabeth had studied French, as was expected of young ladies despite the hostilities with France, and the man spoke clearly and precisely. She had little trouble understanding the conversation.

“You understand that you risk your own life by aiding me thus,” he continued. “You need not attach your cause to mine. I shall not fault you should you decide to change your mind.”

Cela ne sera pas nécessaire,” came the whispered reply. The speaker was English, his French excellent but not unaccented. The voice… surely it could not be! But no, that was impossible. She listened more keenly as the man spoke on. “I know who I am, what we are. Your aims are mine. We are brothers in this endeavour. Fraternité.” He laughed once, a short and bitter sound that echoed in the large space. “You may remain here until your men return, and I shall come with food and books as often as possible. But I hope it will not be more than a week, for the longer you remain, the more likely you are to be discovered. Nevertheless, I shall undertake the task you asked of me, no matter what.”

“If you are caught…” the first man began, but the second cut him short.

“If I am caught, I understand the consequences. I am prepared to take that risk. The benefits should I succeed make the danger worthwhile.”

Merci, mon cousin Thomas Benoit.

“Call me Bennet here, Etienne. Even in private.”

Now Elizabeth clapped a hand across her mouth to stifle a cry. Her father—her beloved English father—was harbouring and abetting a Frenchman. The enemy!


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Author Bio;

Riana Everly was born in South Africa but has called Canada home since she was eight years old. She has a Master’s degree in Medieval Studies and is trained as a classical musician, specialising in Baroque and early Classical music. She first encountered Jane Austen when her father handed her a copy of Emma at age 11 and has never looked back.

Riana now lives in Toronto with her family. When she is not writing, she can often be found playing string quartets with friends, biking around the beautiful province of Ontario with her husband, trying to improve her photography, thinking about what to make for dinner, and, of course, reading!

Riana’s novels have received several awards and citations as favourite reads of the year, including two Jane Austen Awards and a Discovering Diamonds review.

You can follow Riana’s blog at, and join her on Facebook ( and Twitter (@RianaEverly). She loves meeting readers!


I’m giving away one eBook on each stop on this blog tour. To enter, just make a comment and leave an email address so I can contact the winner. I’ll enter names into a random number selector to pick the winner. The deadline for entering will be five days after the blog is posted.








Undoing by L. L. Diamond

Undoing L. L Diamond

“Undoing” is Leslie Diamond’s newest book, and she was kind enough to contact me, and offer me the chance to read an ARC copy and therefore review the book, so here I am again with a review of a wonderful new book, – a Pride and Prejudice variation, which quite literally swept me off my feet, by the dramatic, quite plausible, sad if intense and romantic plot.


Undoing takes its beginning when Elizabeth Bennet is sixteen years old, and the Duke of Leeds, Thomas takes an interest in her and asks her to marry him. Soon Elizabeth is engaged within the Ton in London and meets Thomas’s family, the Darcy’s.
And surprise surprise an instant spark is lit between a certain reserved gentleman and young Elizabeth. Luckily a friendship is started between the two of them.

During my reading, I screamed bloody murder, sighed and felt heartbroken as I read as Darcy and Lizzie falls for each other! It was the best feeling in the world to see them fall in love with each other, and the most horrible sinking feeling in the gut when they agree they can’t act on their feelings.

A visit to Pemberley a known rogue aka Wickham makes an appearance, and Elizabeth realizes why her husband, is not acting as a husband should with his wife. At this point, I could not help but exclaim, “Really? You cannot be serious!” in my assumption, which was proven right, soon after. Meanwhile, the friendship between Fitzwilliam and Elizabeth continues and deepens as time passes.

Though Duke Thomas of Leeds is both scheming and a bit too smart and deceitful for his good, especially since he tries to manage the lives of his family and wife, – and to be honest he managed it quite cleverly and used an old vice and some common sense. But what a wonderful ending!

I will admit to some shock about a certain Colonel, who I like in most variations, but was speechless at his actions and behaviour in this one.

Lastly, I was quite pleased by Elizabeth and her sister Jane and who they ended up with. And it was not Bingley *wink*

Author Bio; Leslie Diamond

L.L. Diamond is more commonly known as Leslie to her friends and Mom to her three kids. A native of Louisiana, she spent the majority of her life living within an hour of New Orleans before following her husband all over as a military wife. Louisiana, Mississippi, California, Texas, New Mexico, Nebraska, and now England have all been called home along the way.

After watching Sense and Sensibility with her mother, Leslie became a fan of Jane Austen, reading her collected works over the next few years. Pride and Prejudice stood out as a favourite and has dominated her writing since finding Jane Austen Fan Fiction.

Aside from mother and writer, Leslie considers herself a perpetual student. She has degrees in biology and studio art but will devour any subject of interest simply for the knowledge. Her most recent endeavours have included certifications to coach swimming as well as a fitness instructor. As an artist, her concentration is in graphic design, but watercolour is her medium of choice with one of her watercolours featured on the cover of her second book, A Matter of Chance. She is also a member of the Jane Austen Society of North America. Leslie also plays flute and piano, but much like Elizabeth Bennet, she is always in need of practice!

Leslie’s books include Rain and Retribution, A Matter of Chance, An Unwavering Trust, The Earl’s Conquest, Particular Intentions, Particular Attachments, Unwrapping Mr Darcy, It’s Always Been You, It’s Always Been Us, It’s Always Been You and Me, and Undoing, which releases April 1st.

Visit Leslie’s website Follow her on Facebook and on Twitter @lldiamond2

Furthermore, you can find Leslie’s books on the different branches of Amazon, in both paperback, hardcover and including audiobooks.

I was quite pleased to host Leslie, and her new book, and enjoyed the book, and I hope every one of my readers will enjoy it as well, and I can only encourage you all to buy or preorder the book. It is well worth the money, and the enjoyment of several hours of reading. So go on, guys, amazon, Kobo, Kindle, or any other online store where you can get your hands on this wonderful book.


When Duty Calls

Hi All, so I am back again… and I am trying something a bit new when I rate books, instead of stars, I will give the books either Austen’s, since I tend to review Jane Austen related books. So there’s a review and a giveaway, so leave a comment if you please.

WDC Final Full Wrapper S[8279]

“When Duty Calls” by Belén Paccagnella

Book Description:

The Netherfield ball brings about many changes for the population of Meryton, and more so for the female residents of Longbourn. Mr Bingley’s departure leaves the eldest, Jane Bennet, heartbroken whilst Mr Collins’s proposal induces Miss Elizabeth to make a hasty escape. During her flight, she happens upon Mr Darcy, a gentleman she despises. A moment of solitude in the woods leads to rather improper behaviour, and the couple departs with the promise they will tell no one about their minor indiscretion. When their secret is finally uncovered, marriage becomes the only solution to saving Elizabeth from social disgrace. Her other grudges against Mr Darcy are amplified by resentment and the prospect of spending her life with a man she can never respect. Nonetheless, the marriage takes place, forcing the young couple to deal with their pride and prejudices as husband and wife.

Originally posted online almost twenty years ago, this Regency tale of redemption narrates the struggles of two people, their differences, and their rocky start. But will they succeed in overcoming lies, misunderstandings, and their own errors to finally find love?

WDC Final Front Cover M[8280]


Forced marriage, duty, pride and prejudice? Yes, then this blog entry is something for you!
“When Duty Calls.” which has its start the morning after the Netherfield Ball, straight after Mr Collins odious proposal to Elizabeth, and she is running away from Longbourn. At the same time, Darcy is out walking, before returning to London, when he is nearly run over by a fleeing Elizabeth. And one moment of loose composure leads to an impromptu kiss, one which they both think they can forget about, – but it is not to be.
A few days after the Netherfield party has left, before the townsfolk of Meryton starts to whisper about Elizabeth’s improper behaviour which was, – shock and horror – seen!
This unfortunate situation forces Mr Bennet to go to London, and face Darcy and force a resolution, namely; Marriage.

On their wedding night, Darcy and Elizabeth fight, since Elizabeth is angry because of Darcy’s highhandedness about Bingley and Jane, and his arrogance towards Mr Wickham.

Many weeks later, Darcy leaves for Wales to correct his mistake about Bingley and leaves his famous letter in Elizabeth’s hand.
Light appears then, – that there is hope for a happy ending, – I had my doubts I must admit. Darcy returns and slowly feelings grow between them, but then everything shatters when foolish Lydia runs away with Wickham.

A visit from the Gardiner family, a fight with Wickham and love blossoms. But there is a happy ending, never fear!

Belén has an elegant writing style and a firm way of writing Darcy which is believable and true to form, and I greatly enjoyed the book. I will give the book a 4 out of 5 Austen’s.

Author Bio:

Bélen pic bckgrnd2[8281]

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Belén Paccagnella discovered the world of Jane Austen fan fiction after watching the 1995 BBC miniseries of Pride and Prejudice. In her teens, she lived in Brazil when her family moved to the city of Curitiba due to her father’s work. She moved back to Buenos Aires a few years later, where she studied agronomy but finally pursued a different career and started working in the development and administration of shopping centres.

In 2001, she began writing both Regency and modern stories, adapting the Pride and Prejudice storyline to different backdrops, merging drama, humor, and adventure while creating characters with unique traits. Almost two decades later, she published Obstacles, a modern variation released in 2018 by Meryton Press.

Belén still lives in the suburbs of Buenos Aires where she shares her home with her pets while spending her time working, reading, and writing.

You can contact Belén via these links;




And of course, buy her book or preorder here;

The link below is for the pre-order but the buy link will be available on March 9th. 

Amazon US

Amazon UK

And last but not least, there’s the GIVEAWAY;


Meryton Press is giving away 8 eBooks of When Duty Calls.

Use the link below to go to rafflecopter on website.

Now Do not forget to comment here on my site, please, with either a comment or just a shout out to Belén or Janet Taylor for arranging this book tour.

Being Mrs Darcy by Lucy Marin

Being Mrs Darcy by Lucy Marin

Lucy Marin_Being Mrs Darcy_eBook_KDP[8229]


About the book: One distressing night in Ramsgate, Elizabeth Bennet impulsively offers Georgiana Darcy aid. Scandalous rumours soon surround the ladies and Fitzwilliam Darcy, forcing Elizabeth and Darcy, strangers to each other, to marry.

Darcy despises everything about his marriage to the daughter of an insignificant country gentleman with vulgar relations. Georgiana, humiliated after a near-elopement with George Wickham and full of Darcy pride, hates her new sister. Their family look upon Elizabeth with suspicions and do little to hide their sentiments.

Separated from those who love her, Elizabeth is desperate to prove herself to her new family despite their disdain. Just as she loses all hope, Darcy learns to want her good opinion. He will have to face his prejudices and uncover the depths of Georgian’s misdeeds to earn it, and Elizabeth will learn to trust him if she is ever to find happiness being Mrs Darcy.


Review of “Being Mrs Darcy”

The plot took its beginning in Ramsgate, where we encounter Mr Bennet, Jane and Elizabeth, who are holidaying due to Jane’s recovery from illness. One evening when Elizabeth is reading in their window seat when she overhears a conversation that makes Elizabeth able to come to the defence of a frightened Georgiana Darcy, who is in the clutches of Mr Wickham, – and this puts the plot in motion.

Due to rumours in London, Fitzwilliam Darcy finds it necessary to marry Elizabeth, much to his distaste. The way Darcy, Colonel Fitzwilliam aka Tom and Georgiana acts and behaves towards Elizabeth made me spitting mad and made me want to scream and hit several characters, especially Georgiana, who acted like a little witch instead of being grateful for the lucky save from our courageous if very lonely heroine Elizabeth, and this made the book quite a minefield to read.

But finally light appears as Elizabeth gives Darcy a piece of her mind, with the classic fight between Elizabeth and Darcy, where she proclaims that she will never be his wife, truly. And this fight makes Darcy run to London and makes him reflect on his behaviour and soon a far more pleasant Darcy appeared, who wants Elizabeth’s happiness instead of his own comfort. Happiness was now assured I knew and thanked Lucy for finally taking away the emotional tension of the story.

And lastly a year later after the wedding of Fitzwilliam Darcy to Elizabeth Bennet, sees Darcy and Elizabeth on a honeymoon trip to the Lakes, where happy news is shared. And lastly the shift in Georgiana’s behaviour towards a more positive one, thanks much to her new companion, Mrs Annesley made me very happy.
Several new characters make for a quite changed story, an emotional rollercoaster I will admit, but worth it in the end. Lucy made the story enjoyable and manages to catch the reader and keep them until the last page so I will say, a book well done.



Lucy Marin headshot[8228]

Lucy Marin developed a love for reading at a young age and whiled away many hours imagining how stories might continue or what would happen if there was a change in the circumstances faced by the protagonists. After reading her first Austen novel, a life-long ardent admiration was borne. Lucy was introduced to the world of Austen variations after stumbling across one at a used bookstore while on holiday in London. This led to the discovery of the online world of Jane Austen Fan Fiction and, soon after, she picked up her pen and began to transfer the stories in her head to paper.

Lucy lives in Toronto, Canada surrounded by hundreds of books and a loving family. She teaches environmental studies, loves animals and trees and exploring the world around her.

Being Mrs Darcy is Lucy’s first novel. Her second titled Mr Darcy, A Man with a Plan will be released in summer 2020.

You can connect with Lucy at:

Social media


That was another lovely book, and I will be back VERY soon, so keep your eyes open for more from me.

Georgiana by Sue Barr

Hello Again all!

This time I am reviewing the new book from the desk of Sue Barr, “Georgiana” which focus on Georgiana Darcy, and her first season.


Good morning, and thank you for hosting this post for my latest release, Georgiana, Pride & Prejudice Continued… Book Three.

Newlywed Game

Today, I have invited Emma Woodhouse to host for our Newlywed Game, 1814 style.

Emma Woodhouse

Good morning ladies and gentlemen, this is Emma Woodhouse, and I am at the Theatre-Royal, Covent Garden to play another round of the Newlywed Game. Today I have the honour of hosting their Graces, the Duke and Duchess of Adborough. Please join me in welcoming them to The Newlywed Game. (Crowd applause)

Thank you for joining us today. We had great fun when your brothers, Nathan and George were here with their brides and I hope you’ll enjoy this game too.

I’ll begin with some easier questions…

What do you think is the best thing your spouse loves about you?

Maxwell (sharing a smile with his wife): My command of the King’s alphabet.

Georgiana: Maxwell, you are a rogue. I share his love of the alphabet, although my cousin, Viscount Ashton does not.

What is your spouse’s favourite activity?

Maxwell: I pen my lovely wife a letter every day and leave it on her pillow to read. 

Georgiana (with a slight blush): He’s very fond of writing letters.

I’m sure there’s a story there and almost explains your strange love of the alphabet. 

How does London’s most sought after couple spend their evenings?

Maxwell: My wife plays the pianoforte with such skill and passion, I believe I could spend every evening in our home, listening to her play.

Georgiana: That is so kind of you.

Maxwell (lifting her hand to kiss the back of it): It is nothing but the truth.

What was your first impression of your spouse?

Georgiana: He was so handsome and dignified. I fell in love almost immediately.

Maxwell: I remember her as being so very quiet and not one to force her way into a conversation, yet amongst friends, she was lively and playful.

Who said I love your first?

Maxwell: I was the first one to speak it, but Georgian was the first one to put it in words.

Georgiana: I did, but at the time I had no idea you would read those words.

I’m noticing a recurring pattern with this love of the alphabet and letter writing. 

Where was your first kiss? A library?

Georgiana: On the terrace at the Featherstone’s Ball.

Maxwell: Your chaperone was most remiss in her duties.

Georgiana: I asked Lizzy to fix her shoe while you and I ventured outside.

Maxwell: Well, well. Once again Mrs Darcy surprises me.

Oh my. This would be a good place as any to end our game. I wish you great joy in your marriage and look forward to seeing you around Town.

Blurb for “Georgiana”

She longs for true love…

A dowry of thirty thousand pounds places a hefty weight upon the shoulders of Miss Georgiana Darcy. Her tender heart has been broken before by a cad who cared not one whit for who she was, but as a prize to be won, and she fears no man will ever see the worth of her heart.

Duty and honor…

These are the stalwart columns which hold up the life of Maxwell Kerr, Fifth Duke of Adborough. After rescuing Miss Darcy from an inescapable compromise, an offer of marriage is as natural to him as breathing air. When he discovers this is not the first compromise she has evaded, anger becomes his faithful companion and threatens their tenuous bonds of love and respect.

GEORGIANA cover[8015]


“Georgiana” starts approximately two years after Darcy marries Elizabeth, and it is now Georgiana’s turn to make her curtsy to the prince regent. In this the Kerr family is introduced – three sons and a mother and two of the sons are married to former Caroline Bingley and Catherine Bennet. The eldest, the Duke of Adborough, Maxwell is quite taken with the young if beautiful Georgiana Darcy and sets his goal on winning her regard. And he certainly had his work cut out for him.

Georgiana who is still wounded after Ramsgate is not looking forward to her presentation at court, as she is unsure if any man wants her for more than her dowry. But when it seems happiness is within her grasp, a compromise nearly destroys her happiness before it has begun…

I cannot recommend this book highly enough, like a book you DEFINITELY want to read! I’m also going to look for further books by Sue Barr. I could barely put this book down, and I am already looking forward to future project from Sue Barr.

Sue Barr’s writing style is relaxed if extremely intensive and paints the scenes so vividly that it seems real, and makes the book very hard to put down. Besides Sue Barr also inspired me to start writing love letters to my boyfriend.


Some secrets are not meant to be shared.

Catherine Bennet, known as Kitty to close friends and family, knows this better than anyone. She also knows that she will never marry and it never bothered her before she met Lord George Kerr at Elizabeth and Darcy’s wedding. He’s determined to breach the walls of defense she’d carefully constructed around her heart, and she’s just as determined to stay the course.

Some secrets cannot be shared

Lord George Kerr knows this better than anyone. For five years, as a spy for His Majesty the King, he played the part of a Rake, concealing his espionage activities beneath a blanket of brothels, drink and loose women. Even though he’s forced to resume his regular life within London’s finest society, he still must keep some things hidden.

One thing he does not hide is his attraction to Miss Catherine Bennet of Longbourn. Enraptured by her beauty and warmth of character, he plunges headlong into winning her heart, only to find it carefully guarded and she’s unwilling to give him even a small pinch of hope.

Some things are beyond your control

When circumstances bring Kitty’s secret into the open, she fears the tenuous bonds of friendship she’s forged with Lord George will be lost forever along with whatever love he proclaims to have for her. With the very lives of England’s vast network of spies working undercover in Bonaparte’s France hanging in the balance, she’s forced to face her worst nightmare.

Her secret is laid bare, can he love her enough to overcome what he learns?

For more information about Sue and her books, check out her website:

From there you can follow her on Facebook or Twitter or hop on over to her blog and find out how boring her life really is…. While there, don’t forget to sign up for her announcement only newsletter. No spam. Pinky promise.

CATHERINE is available exclusively on Amazon. You can purchase your copy HERE:

About the Author:

Sue Barr, transplanted Prairie Girl, now lives in beautiful Southwestern Ontario, Canada with her retired Air Force hubby, close to their two sons and families. When not busy writing she loves to read and bake, watch cooking shows and Survivor (don’t judge).

When Sue retired in 2015 from the London Police Service, she re-discovered #JAFF. Prior to that, she’d read Pamela Aiden’s trilogy and, like all of us here, watched every movie ever made of Jane Austen’s books, as well as the spin-offs. Her favourite is Lost in Austen.

About that time, her childhood friend (Suzan Lauder) introduced her to A Happy Assembly. It wasn’t too long before the plot bunnies escaped and Sue began to wonder ‘whatever happened to Caroline Bingley after Charles and Mr Darcy became engaged to the Bennet sisters?’ From that, CAROLINE was born, followed by CATHERINE which we are talking about today. In the works is GEORGIANA and who knows what else will follow….

Hej Guys, so that was it for this time, I will be back fairly soon with more books and reviews, keep your eyes on my blog, for upcoming books.

Two More Days at Netherfield

Two more days at Netherfield MOLL
Welcome back to Interestsofajaneaustengirl, Most of January passed by in a flurry of holiday planning, sun, tanning and relaxation at Cape Verde for me. This spring will be busy since quite a few authors have put their names forward to be reviewed and visiting my blog, I will get back to that later on in this blog. Now welcome Heather Moll and her book, “Two More Days at Netherfield.”


Two More Days at Netherfield does focus on the results of unintentional eavesdropping but woven throughout is also Darcy’s desire to act the way that his parents would want him to. 

While Jane Bennet is ill at Netherfield, Elizabeth overhears Miss Bingley and the proud Mr Darcy discussing his admiration of Elizabeth, and her ‘fine eyes.’  

Not sure what to think of his praise after all of their previous disagreements, Elizabeth teases him for his disparaging remark he made at the Assembly. Suddenly Darcy is forced to reconsider his opinion of the woman who has bewitched him. 

The result of this unintended eavesdropping leads to confrontations between our two lovely lead characters; Darcy & Elizabeth, and eventually the beginnings of a friendship. This friendship impacts the courtship of Darcy’s friend Bingley and Elizabeth’s sister, Jane, the jealous temper of Miss Bingley and even the infamous behaviour of Mr Wickham after he arrives in Meryton.  

How are the events of the winter affected by the Bennet sisters choosing to spend just two more days at Netherfield? 

Review of “Two More Days at Netherfield”;

I thought that Two More Days at Netherfield was both a charming and sweet story, which put the fact that Elizabeth overhears several conversations, which lays the foundation for not only her happiness but also the basis of the most profound friendship between herself and Darcy – their friendship was hard-earned since misunderstandings and misguided notions appeared on both sides – especially did Wickham’s appearance make me curl my toes in both horror and anticipation.

Though I loved it when Elizabeth and Darcy fell in love, it was heartwarming and ever so lovely see a romance unfold from their friendship, even if it was heartbreaking to see them apart, even for a short while. My opinion of the plot changed from page to page, since Darcy’s and Elizabeth’s friendship ranged from bordering on the uncivil, directly to sweet and heartwarming.

But finally, with a satisfied sigh, I could close the book, and deem it as a sweet and a book well worth reading.

Heather Moll knows just how to torment and delight her readers with her variation of Pride and Prejudice and how eavesdropping and two more days could make a difference to the known story of Darcy and Elizabeth.

Hi Guys, so Heather Moll has also been so kind as to let us view a scene which was taken out of the book since other things made more sense to the plot, but that leaves a scene for us to read… So enjoy!

Thank you for welcoming me to Interests of a Jane Austen Girl, Sophia! I’m eager to share Two More Days at Netherfield with your readers. This story focuses on the results of unintentional eavesdropping but woven throughout is also Darcy’s desire to act the way that his parents would want him to. In the original manuscript, the embodiment of that family influence was his uncle Lord Fitzwilliam. In the end, he wasn’t necessary to drive that point home. I was sorry to see such a dynamic character go, but I’m happy that I can share a bit of him here today. In this vignette, Darcy is about to return to Hertfordshire, but his uncle insists on speaking to him first…

Darcy was in his study awaiting his horses when the door was thrown open. He expected Colonel Fitzwilliam but was surprised to see Lord Fitzwilliam stride in. Tall and vigorous for a man older than sixty, he had an authority one could not help but recognise. Darcy quickly rose, but his uncle waved him away and asked if he might sit.

Darcy gestured to the chairs closest to the fire. His uncle stared and Darcy repressed the urge to shift under his scrutiny like an errant school-boy. His lordship finally said, “How unfortunate that some business requires your immediate attention. Cannot you wait a few days?”

“It is not in my power to delay my journey for one hour.”

“My boy, I do not pry into other men’s concerns, I am not my sister, but I fear your secrecy indicates that your business is something you are ashamed of.”

Darcy set his jaw. “I assure you, sir, my inclination for privacy does not indicate any shameful affair.” Despite his professions to the opposite, his uncle was, in his own way, as meddlesome and desirous of being useful as Lady Catherine.

“I am not here to demand your confidence; I daresay my youngest son does that enough. I only came to offer my assistance if you found yourself in an untenable situation.” Lord Fitzwilliam rose, but Darcy stopped him. He could not tolerate to have his uncle think so little of him.

“I am going to Hertfordshire. While I was there in the autumn, I …” he trailed off as he decided how much to confess. “My friend Bingley is to be married next week and I am to stand as his grooms-man.”

Lord Fitzwilliam looked at him shrewdly. “Are you infatuated with the bride?”

“No! I am in—I… admire Miss Bennet’s sister.”

“Her fortune? Her father’s income and connections?”

“She is the second of five daughters of a gentleman whose estate is entailed, with two thousand a year and no relations of note.” It was best he not speak about their behaviour. “Her fortune will yield less per year than the pin money I will give her.” If I am fortunate enough to earn back Elizabeth’s affections.

His lordship took out his pipe. As he lit it and put it to his mouth he said, “You could do so much better.”

“I could do no better than Miss Elizabeth Bennet.”

Lord Fitzwilliam puffed on his pipe for a long moment. “Your world is that of a great estate owner. Will this lady, from such a situation, be a proper helpmeet?”

“I have no doubt on that account, sir.”

“You are resolved to have her?”

“If she will have me. We had a … misunderstanding, but if she can forgive me then I am resolved to act in that manner that will constitute my happiness, without reference to my friends,” he added pointedly.

“I object only to the inequality of your stations. You are not the first man who has chosen a wife with less sense than his family expected.” Lord Fitzwilliam drew on his pipe and exhaled slowly. “I know you will decide for yourself, without any consideration for those who have some right to guide you.” Darcy gave his uncle a piercing glare. “Well, you cannot tell me that the nephew of an earl, an independent, wealthy, well-connected young man intends to marry a poor country nobody and expect me to not be shocked.”

“I do not at all know that she will have me,” he said softly, his eyes on the floor. A silence stretched out and he felt his uncle’s steady gaze.

“Your name is Fitzwilliam Darcy for a reason, so allow me to advise you as I think your parents would wish me to. Your father, benevolent soul that he was, would say any woman who had the good sense to genuinely esteem you would be a suitable match.”

Darcy felt a prick of moisture in his eyes as his throat threatened to close. His uncle continued, “Your mother hoped that you and her niece would be united. I cannot honestly say she would wish for your union had she lived to know the true character of her sister’s child. So, on your mother’s behalf, my dear boy, I ask you to recall the Fitzwilliam motto: appetitus rationi pareat.”

His uncle enunciated each Latin word with a stab of his pipe, gave him a knowing look, and then departed. Let your desires be ruled by reason. After all that had happened, could he rationally believe that when he arrived in Hertfordshire Elizabeth would greet him with civility, let alone affection?

Rational or not, he would not have a moment’s peace until he knew for certain.



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Heather Moll is an avid reader of mysteries and biographies with a master’s in information science. She found Jane Austen later than she should have and made up for the lost time by devouring Austen’s letters and unpublished works, joining JASNA, and spending too much time researching the Regency era. She is the author of Two More Days at Netherfield and His Choice of a Wife. She lives with her husband and son and struggles to balance all of the important things, like whether to clean the house or write. Connect with her on Facebook, Goodreads, Instagram, and Twitter:


So, guys, that was it for this time around, though I did promise to tell you a bit more of the plans for my blog for the spring, I am to host Sue Barr and her new book, “Georgiana” and again another author in early march, and there is a surprise to come as well, but I will not give you any more clues except to say, keep your eyes on the horizon there is more to come soon 😀

Just a curious question at the end, would anyone like to see the first chapter of a novel I am trying to write?


Strong Objections by Jayne Bamber

Merry Christmas All

So it is once again Christmas, I cannot believe it, to be honest, I feel like it has just been Christmas and New Years and here we are again. I hope everyone will have a wonderful, magical Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Once again I am welcoming an author back to my blog; Jayne Bamber and her third book; “Strong Objections.” So Jayne, welcome back! Get ready to see a Rosings and an Anne De Bough as you have never seen them before! Intrigue, drama, romance, laughter and despair are aplenty in the newest plot hot off from Jayne Bamber’s desk. As I closed the book, I was thinking; “WOW!”

Jayne Bamber Strong Objections cover.JPG


The plot takes its beginning just as Darcy leaves his famous letter in the hands of Elizabeth, only his Aunt Lady Catherine follows and demands the letter from Elizabeth, and thus the scene is set. Enough to say that Jayne manages the impossible, in the first two scenes of her book.

Suddenly a completely different Anne De Bough enters into the story, not ‘the sickly and cross creature’ Mr Wickham describes in the original Pride and Prejudice, but a woman with wit and humour, ready to take on her family and her future. Rosings will never be the same again!

Anne de Bourgh Strong Objections

Meanwhile, the entail of Longbourn is gone! Which then leaves Longbourn to Jane, who starts to think about her future and slowly Jane grows a backbone, and speaks up for herself.

A De Bough castle set the scene for most of the story, and due to the drama, Jane and Mr Bennet arrives at Kent. Everyone around Anne De Bough is scheming, and slowly Elizabeth and Jane are being pulled into the net of intrigue and drama as they befriend Anne. Colonel Richard Fitzwilliam and Darcy are busy getting their family members to behave, while they each lose their hearts. Midnight explorations, change of feelings and the arrival of other De Bough family members alongside Bingley and Miss Bingley further complicate matters at the historical castle. Though get ready to laugh at the antics The Fitzwilliams, De Boughs, Bennets, Bingleys and Darcy get up to while they are in Kent.

While the drama grows, Anne De Bough is dancing circles around her friends, family and guests alike, as she plans to go to Town, but slowly realizes that for her all her dreams, she is losing her heart to an honourable gentleman. And you will never guess who! *Winks*

Finally, I can admit that there is a Happily Ever After for all at the very end, but what a rollercoaster this book is! I have never enjoyed or laughed more due to a book! 5 Stars are my decided opinion!

Author Bio;

Jayne Bamber Author Pic[6176]

Jayne Bamber is a life-long Austen fan and a total sucker for costume dramas. Jayne read her first Austen variation as a teenager and has spent more than a decade devouring as many of them as she can. This, of course, has led her to the ultimate conclusion of her addiction, writing one herself.
Jayne’s favourite Austen work is Sense and Sensibility, though Sandition is a strong second. Despite her love for Pride and Prejudice, Jayne realizes that she is no Lizzy Bennet, and is, in fact, growing up to be Mrs Bennet more and more each day. After years of dating Wickhams, Collins, and the occasional Tilney-that-got-away, Jayne married her very own Darcy (tinged with just the right amount of Mr Palmer) and the two live together in Texas with a pair of badly behaved rat terriers, and a desire to expand their menagerie of fur babies.

You can furthermore follow and contact Jayne Bamber via facebook; Facebook Jayne Bamber

And of course, you can run directly to Amazon to buy Jayne Bamber’s earlier books, and of course, buy the latest book;

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For a chance to win a copy of Jayne’s book, enter here and Good luck!


Now I will wish everyone a Happy New Year, and I will see you in 2020.