Interestsofajaneaustengirl is a page where I enjoy writing about Jane Austen related parties I attend during the year. But also I am enjoying my hobby, within the review world of Austen related literature. My preferences is Regency, Georgian and once in a while a modern rendering of my favourite book of “Pride and Prejudice” and “Persuasion” Since those two are my favorite books from Miss Austen’s hand.

I have these days quite a group of authors, whom I have reviewed for, during a few years so far, the list includes; Joana Starnes, Don Jacobson, Leigh Dreyer, Jane Odiwe, Nicole Clarkson and 13 other authors. I have recently begun to review for The Quill Ink, due to contact with Christina Boyd.

Review Policy;

Honest reviews, is the point of this blog, where the author/authoress always are included in the process, and has the last word if they are satisfied or wish for changes.


If something happens to me, or my calendar which is unforseen about my review schedule, then I will always contact my authors and reschedule my reviews to a later date, or just let the author know what happens.