Two More Days at Netherfield

Two more days at Netherfield MOLL
Welcome back to Interestsofajaneaustengirl, Most of January passed by in a flurry of holiday planning, sun, tanning and relaxation at Cape Verde for me. This spring will be busy since quite a few authors have put their names forward to be reviewed and visiting my blog, I will get back to that later on in this blog. Now welcome Heather Moll and her book, “Two More Days at Netherfield.”


Two More Days at Netherfield does focus on the results of unintentional eavesdropping but woven throughout is also Darcy’s desire to act the way that his parents would want him to. 

While Jane Bennet is ill at Netherfield, Elizabeth overhears Miss Bingley and the proud Mr Darcy discussing his admiration of Elizabeth, and her ‘fine eyes.’  

Not sure what to think of his praise after all of their previous disagreements, Elizabeth teases him for his disparaging remark he made at the Assembly. Suddenly Darcy is forced to reconsider his opinion of the woman who has bewitched him. 

The result of this unintended eavesdropping leads to confrontations between our two lovely lead characters; Darcy & Elizabeth, and eventually the beginnings of a friendship. This friendship impacts the courtship of Darcy’s friend Bingley and Elizabeth’s sister, Jane, the jealous temper of Miss Bingley and even the infamous behaviour of Mr Wickham after he arrives in Meryton.  

How are the events of the winter affected by the Bennet sisters choosing to spend just two more days at Netherfield? 

Review of “Two More Days at Netherfield”;

I thought that Two More Days at Netherfield was both a charming and sweet story, which put the fact that Elizabeth overhears several conversations, which lays the foundation for not only her happiness but also the basis of the most profound friendship between herself and Darcy – their friendship was hard-earned since misunderstandings and misguided notions appeared on both sides – especially did Wickham’s appearance make me curl my toes in both horror and anticipation.

Though I loved it when Elizabeth and Darcy fell in love, it was heartwarming and ever so lovely see a romance unfold from their friendship, even if it was heartbreaking to see them apart, even for a short while. My opinion of the plot changed from page to page, since Darcy’s and Elizabeth’s friendship ranged from bordering on the uncivil, directly to sweet and heartwarming.

But finally, with a satisfied sigh, I could close the book, and deem it as a sweet and a book well worth reading.

Heather Moll knows just how to torment and delight her readers with her variation of Pride and Prejudice and how eavesdropping and two more days could make a difference to the known story of Darcy and Elizabeth.

Hi Guys, so Heather Moll has also been so kind as to let us view a scene which was taken out of the book since other things made more sense to the plot, but that leaves a scene for us to read… So enjoy!

Thank you for welcoming me to Interests of a Jane Austen Girl, Sophia! I’m eager to share Two More Days at Netherfield with your readers. This story focuses on the results of unintentional eavesdropping but woven throughout is also Darcy’s desire to act the way that his parents would want him to. In the original manuscript, the embodiment of that family influence was his uncle Lord Fitzwilliam. In the end, he wasn’t necessary to drive that point home. I was sorry to see such a dynamic character go, but I’m happy that I can share a bit of him here today. In this vignette, Darcy is about to return to Hertfordshire, but his uncle insists on speaking to him first…

Darcy was in his study awaiting his horses when the door was thrown open. He expected Colonel Fitzwilliam but was surprised to see Lord Fitzwilliam stride in. Tall and vigorous for a man older than sixty, he had an authority one could not help but recognise. Darcy quickly rose, but his uncle waved him away and asked if he might sit.

Darcy gestured to the chairs closest to the fire. His uncle stared and Darcy repressed the urge to shift under his scrutiny like an errant school-boy. His lordship finally said, “How unfortunate that some business requires your immediate attention. Cannot you wait a few days?”

“It is not in my power to delay my journey for one hour.”

“My boy, I do not pry into other men’s concerns, I am not my sister, but I fear your secrecy indicates that your business is something you are ashamed of.”

Darcy set his jaw. “I assure you, sir, my inclination for privacy does not indicate any shameful affair.” Despite his professions to the opposite, his uncle was, in his own way, as meddlesome and desirous of being useful as Lady Catherine.

“I am not here to demand your confidence; I daresay my youngest son does that enough. I only came to offer my assistance if you found yourself in an untenable situation.” Lord Fitzwilliam rose, but Darcy stopped him. He could not tolerate to have his uncle think so little of him.

“I am going to Hertfordshire. While I was there in the autumn, I …” he trailed off as he decided how much to confess. “My friend Bingley is to be married next week and I am to stand as his grooms-man.”

Lord Fitzwilliam looked at him shrewdly. “Are you infatuated with the bride?”

“No! I am in—I… admire Miss Bennet’s sister.”

“Her fortune? Her father’s income and connections?”

“She is the second of five daughters of a gentleman whose estate is entailed, with two thousand a year and no relations of note.” It was best he not speak about their behaviour. “Her fortune will yield less per year than the pin money I will give her.” If I am fortunate enough to earn back Elizabeth’s affections.

His lordship took out his pipe. As he lit it and put it to his mouth he said, “You could do so much better.”

“I could do no better than Miss Elizabeth Bennet.”

Lord Fitzwilliam puffed on his pipe for a long moment. “Your world is that of a great estate owner. Will this lady, from such a situation, be a proper helpmeet?”

“I have no doubt on that account, sir.”

“You are resolved to have her?”

“If she will have me. We had a … misunderstanding, but if she can forgive me then I am resolved to act in that manner that will constitute my happiness, without reference to my friends,” he added pointedly.

“I object only to the inequality of your stations. You are not the first man who has chosen a wife with less sense than his family expected.” Lord Fitzwilliam drew on his pipe and exhaled slowly. “I know you will decide for yourself, without any consideration for those who have some right to guide you.” Darcy gave his uncle a piercing glare. “Well, you cannot tell me that the nephew of an earl, an independent, wealthy, well-connected young man intends to marry a poor country nobody and expect me to not be shocked.”

“I do not at all know that she will have me,” he said softly, his eyes on the floor. A silence stretched out and he felt his uncle’s steady gaze.

“Your name is Fitzwilliam Darcy for a reason, so allow me to advise you as I think your parents would wish me to. Your father, benevolent soul that he was, would say any woman who had the good sense to genuinely esteem you would be a suitable match.”

Darcy felt a prick of moisture in his eyes as his throat threatened to close. His uncle continued, “Your mother hoped that you and her niece would be united. I cannot honestly say she would wish for your union had she lived to know the true character of her sister’s child. So, on your mother’s behalf, my dear boy, I ask you to recall the Fitzwilliam motto: appetitus rationi pareat.”

His uncle enunciated each Latin word with a stab of his pipe, gave him a knowing look, and then departed. Let your desires be ruled by reason. After all that had happened, could he rationally believe that when he arrived in Hertfordshire Elizabeth would greet him with civility, let alone affection?

Rational or not, he would not have a moment’s peace until he knew for certain.



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TMDAN Moll headshot[7849]
Heather Moll is an avid reader of mysteries and biographies with a master’s in information science. She found Jane Austen later than she should have and made up for the lost time by devouring Austen’s letters and unpublished works, joining JASNA, and spending too much time researching the Regency era. She is the author of Two More Days at Netherfield and His Choice of a Wife. She lives with her husband and son and struggles to balance all of the important things, like whether to clean the house or write. Connect with her on Facebook, Goodreads, Instagram, and Twitter:


So, guys, that was it for this time around, though I did promise to tell you a bit more of the plans for my blog for the spring, I am to host Sue Barr and her new book, “Georgiana” and again another author in early march, and there is a surprise to come as well, but I will not give you any more clues except to say, keep your eyes on the horizon there is more to come soon 😀

Just a curious question at the end, would anyone like to see the first chapter of a novel I am trying to write?


Strong Objections by Jayne Bamber

Merry Christmas All

So it is once again Christmas, I cannot believe it, to be honest, I feel like it has just been Christmas and New Years and here we are again. I hope everyone will have a wonderful, magical Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Once again I am welcoming an author back to my blog; Jayne Bamber and her third book; “Strong Objections.” So Jayne, welcome back! Get ready to see a Rosings and an Anne De Bough as you have never seen them before! Intrigue, drama, romance, laughter and despair are aplenty in the newest plot hot off from Jayne Bamber’s desk. As I closed the book, I was thinking; “WOW!”

Jayne Bamber Strong Objections cover.JPG


The plot takes its beginning just as Darcy leaves his famous letter in the hands of Elizabeth, only his Aunt Lady Catherine follows and demands the letter from Elizabeth, and thus the scene is set. Enough to say that Jayne manages the impossible, in the first two scenes of her book.

Suddenly a completely different Anne De Bough enters into the story, not ‘the sickly and cross creature’ Mr Wickham describes in the original Pride and Prejudice, but a woman with wit and humour, ready to take on her family and her future. Rosings will never be the same again!

Anne de Bourgh Strong Objections

Meanwhile, the entail of Longbourn is gone! Which then leaves Longbourn to Jane, who starts to think about her future and slowly Jane grows a backbone, and speaks up for herself.

A De Bough castle set the scene for most of the story, and due to the drama, Jane and Mr Bennet arrives at Kent. Everyone around Anne De Bough is scheming, and slowly Elizabeth and Jane are being pulled into the net of intrigue and drama as they befriend Anne. Colonel Richard Fitzwilliam and Darcy are busy getting their family members to behave, while they each lose their hearts. Midnight explorations, change of feelings and the arrival of other De Bough family members alongside Bingley and Miss Bingley further complicate matters at the historical castle. Though get ready to laugh at the antics The Fitzwilliams, De Boughs, Bennets, Bingleys and Darcy get up to while they are in Kent.

While the drama grows, Anne De Bough is dancing circles around her friends, family and guests alike, as she plans to go to Town, but slowly realizes that for her all her dreams, she is losing her heart to an honourable gentleman. And you will never guess who! *Winks*

Finally, I can admit that there is a Happily Ever After for all at the very end, but what a rollercoaster this book is! I have never enjoyed or laughed more due to a book! 5 Stars are my decided opinion!

Author Bio;

Jayne Bamber Author Pic[6176]

Jayne Bamber is a life-long Austen fan and a total sucker for costume dramas. Jayne read her first Austen variation as a teenager and has spent more than a decade devouring as many of them as she can. This, of course, has led her to the ultimate conclusion of her addiction, writing one herself.
Jayne’s favourite Austen work is Sense and Sensibility, though Sandition is a strong second. Despite her love for Pride and Prejudice, Jayne realizes that she is no Lizzy Bennet, and is, in fact, growing up to be Mrs Bennet more and more each day. After years of dating Wickhams, Collins, and the occasional Tilney-that-got-away, Jayne married her very own Darcy (tinged with just the right amount of Mr Palmer) and the two live together in Texas with a pair of badly behaved rat terriers, and a desire to expand their menagerie of fur babies.

You can furthermore follow and contact Jayne Bamber via facebook; Facebook Jayne Bamber

And of course, you can run directly to Amazon to buy Jayne Bamber’s earlier books, and of course, buy the latest book;

Giveaway Time!

For a chance to win a copy of Jayne’s book, enter here and Good luck!


Now I will wish everyone a Happy New Year, and I will see you in 2020.

The Journey Home to Pemberley

Hello, Hello, Dear Readers, yes, I am back again with another review, this time it is lovely Joana Starnes, – Pride and Prejudice variation writer and friend whose newest book I am reviewing.  I hope those of you, who live in America had a lovely Thanksgiving, and those of you who live in Europe probably had a busy Black Friday.

The Journey Home to Pemberley


This Pride and Prejudice variation takes its start in the Lake District, where Elizabeth Bennet is travelling with her aunt and Uncle Gardiner. And in true Starnes style, the protagonists Elizabeth and Darcy are put through an emotional rollercoaster throughout the story.

Though the start sees an accident reunites Darcy and Elizabeth on the top of hill Inn during a storm, where they get the opportunity to talk through their issues and a heartwarming courtship is commenced, as the small party travel from the Lake District towards Pemberley. The courtship was everything romantic, sweet and heartwarming, and made at least this reader sigh in contentment.

But knowing Joana and her writing style, it seemed too easy to presume that Darcy and Elizabeth would not be put through some form of torture before they would get their happy ending. It seemed I was right, for as soon as all seems resolved and Darcy and Elizabeth were set for their happily ever after before a dreaded letter arrives to destroy all hope. Therefore, to save Darcy from the disgrace and scandal, Elizabeth is forced to hurt the man she loves, which had far-reaching consequences for them both, due to Elizabeth’s choice. The heartache and hurt were almost more than I could bear, as I both read and listened to this book, and between chapters 10 through to 16, I was forced to find a handkerchief a time or two.

I was so anxious to see if Elizabeth and Darcy could overcome this barrier and their pride due to hurt feelings. During their separation, Elizabeth, who is the character we follow mostly throughout the book, is put a situation very much like the one Anne in Persuasion is put through, which made me flinch and winch more than once. As the plot comes closer and closer to the ending, and a midnight meeting in the book room, opens the ‘can of worms’ where all the heartache and lies are pulled into the light, though it was obvious that they both still held passionate and ardent feelings for each other.

I will admit to wanting to shout bloody murder at the author while reading certain parts of the book, but in the end, it was worth the heartache for the ending I so desperately wanted and needed. Though Joana has given me even further places I have added to my travel list of places I need to seek out. The new characters during the book made a good impression on me and made the story more ‘true to life’ so to speak. And besides Elizabeth and Darcy are not the only couple who get their happy ending before the book closes.

I will quote a friend who wrote a review of this very same book a few weeks back since she was So right. “All in all, I really did like the story even if I suffered emotionally through the story but then again this is Joana Starnes at her best. She likes torturing her characters and readers and does it so well. But rest assured there is a happy end worthy of all the heartache that she puts us through.” – C. Sprenger, ramblings of a travelling book nerd;

Though I can only recommend this book, to both new readers and returning readers, since Joana knows just how to catch a reader, and keep them caught until the last page. Another five-star book, congratulations Joana.

Joana Starnes the journey home to pemberley

Here is the link to the book:
Amazon Kindle

Amazon Paperback


The Covenant of Marriage Blog Tour


Hi Guys!

Welcome back, this time I have been fortunate enough to be part of C. P. Odom’s book tour of his latest book, “The Covenant of Marriage” which is a Pride and Prejudice variation.


A Covenant of Marriage—legally binding, even for an unwilling bride!

Defined as a formal, solemn, and binding agreement or compact, a covenant is commonly used with regard to relations among nations or as part of a contract. But it can also apply to a marriage as Elizabeth Bennet learns when her father binds her in marriage to a man she dislikes. Against her protests that she cannot be bound against her will, the lady is informed that she lives under her father’s roof and, consequently, is under his control; she is a mere pawn in the proceedings.

With such an inauspicious beginning, how can two people so joined ever make a life together?

Review of A Covenant of Marriage;

This new and upcoming book starts with the elopement of Lydia and the consequences to the remaining Bennet girls and family, in the following four years. Not only do we find a bitter Lizzie, but also a seriously ill Mr Bennet, who finally takes his role of ‘Head of Family’ seriously.

In London, we find a Darcy who is lonely and heartsick, but who doesn’t have the courage to return to Longbourn to try for his happiness. In the end, it is left in Mr and Mrs Gardiner’s hands to make sure that their dear friend Darcy and their beloved niece finds happiness through very unusual circumstances, namely, An Arranged Marriage. And what a drama that entails! Especially between Darcy and Elizabeth! Though this ‘arranged marriage’ was not completely equal from the start, it quickly evolved into something beautiful. But will Darcy and Elizabeth’s be the only so-called “arranged” marriage? Come on, get your hands on this brilliant book to find out!

C.P. Odom lived up to his usual standards and gave us readers enough drama, some anxiety, a lot of laughter and, of course, a very happy ending – not only for our beloved couple but also others who are close to Darcy and Elizabeth.

I broke out into laughter more times than I can count and can honestly say I loved every minute of the book. It also surprised me, with certain events, but it was worth it in the end, with a happy ending. I am already looking forward to Mr Odom’s next book.

A 5-star book for sure, and I can highly recommend not drinking anything for the last 10% of the book *wink* hehe.

Author Bio for Colin:

By training, I’m a retired engineer, born in Texas, raised in Oklahoma, and graduated from the University of Oklahoma. Sandwiched in there was a stint in the  Marines, and I’ve lived in Arizona since 1977, working first for Motorola and then General Dynamics.

I raised two sons with my first wife, Margaret, before her untimely death from cancer, and my second wife, Jeanine, and I adopted two girls from China. The older of my daughters recently graduated with an engineering degree and is working in Phoenix, and the younger girl is heading toward a nursing degree.

I’ve always been a voracious reader and collector of books, and my favourite genres are science fiction, historical fiction, histories, and, in recent years, reading (and later writing) Jane Austen romantic fiction. This late-developing interest was indirectly stimulated when I read my late wife’s beloved Jane Austen books after her passing.  One thing led to another, and I now have four novels published:  A Most Civil Proposal (2013), Consequences (2014), Pride, Prejudice, and Secrets (2015), and Perilous Siege (2019). Two of my books are now audiobooks, Most Civil Proposal and Pride, Prejudice, and Secrets.

I retired from engineering in 2011, but I still live in Arizona with my family, a pair of dogs (one of which is stubbornly untrainable), and a pair of rather strange cats.  My hobbies are reading, woodworking, and watching college football and LPGA golf (the girls are much nicer than the guys, as well as being fiendishly good putters). Lately, I’ve reverted back to my younger years and have taken up building plastic model aircraft and ships (when I can find the time).

Furthermore, you can Contact Colin via these links

Colin Odom Facebook page

P. Odom Amazon Author page

P. Odom Goodreads page

C. P. Odom Meryton Press page

 And of course you can buy Colin’s AMAZING books, from here;  

Amazon US eBook, Paperback, Kindle Unlimited

Amazon UK eBook, Paperback, Kindle Unlimited

 And what you have all been waiting for The Giveaway;


Meryton Press is giving away 8 eBooks of A Covenant of Marriage;

Use the link below to link to rafflecopter on website.

I wish you all lots of luck in the giveaway, and can again hint to future reviews and interviews with returning authors in December and in the new year.




The Unexpected Past of Miss Jane Austen

Welcome back, guys!

“I declare after all there is no enjoyment like reading!” – Jane Austen.

It is now November wow! September and October really ran past! I am so pleased to welcome back a duo of the authoress’ who was the first to visit my blog. Welcome back to Cass Grafton and Ada Bright, and their sequel to “The Particular Charm of Miss Jane Austen” namely “The Unexpected Past of Miss Jane Austen”. And to say that I loved the book was an understatement, it took me just about six hours to read the lovely book in one sitting.

Unexpected Past of Miss Jane Austen paperback cover[7470]

Book II starts where Book I end, outside a pub in lovely Georgian Bath, where Rose and Aiden have just realized their feelings for each other when the most unexpected person reappears; Miss Jane Austen.our-charm58


From meeting Miss Austen again, the adventures start with a drive to Hampshire, to Chawton Cottage to be precise, and a new time adventure begins anew. Jane Austen there upon transports both Aiden and Rose to Chawton 1813, where Miss Austen finally tells why Rose is there, along with Aiden.

An unexpected secret is revealed of Rose’s past and possibly even her future. Certain events take places, which had me on the very edge of my sofa half the time, wondering what the heck Cass and Ada was up to this time, even if the answer followed swiftly. ‘The particular charm’ is again a leading character of sorts in this sequel. Cass and Ada’s way of writing these books are beyond description, it feels like returning to Bath, every time I open their ‘Charm’ books as I have come to call them, and again I can only congratulate them on a book well written! And suddenly understood why Cass and Ada spent much of their visit to England in Chawton *wink*

Aiden and Rose are dancing around each other continuously, which made me quite despair if they would end up together. And when the magic of Miss Austen’s charm is in question Rose has a decision to make… Can she make a life in the past with a family she never knew… or will she be able to return to the present with the man who has taken up a place in her heart?

And what is Jane Austen not telling them…? And what will Aiden think of Rose and her choice?

And the ending… my god, AGAIN these two lovely ladies leave us with an open ending!!!! “The End… or is it?” *Wink*

Ada and Cass In Bath 2019[7468]

I am proud to be able to interview Cass and Ada about their newest book, and they have been kind enough to answer a few questions. Enjoy!

Interview with Cass and Ada Bright.

1. What made you come up with the idea for the dilemma in this lovely sequel?

Ada: One thing we do when we brainstorm plot for a new book is to look over the first notes we ever made when starting this series (which Cass thankfully has kept handy all this time). Some of the ideas we’d considered back then didn’t work in the end for The Particular Charm of Miss Jane Austen, but they turned out to be perfect for us to steal from ourselves to create this story.

Cass: The plot turned out to be a lot of fun, but part of the pleasure in writing this sequel was spending more time with our original characters from the first book (Rose, Jane, Aiden, Morgan and James, of course). The other part was getting to know the new ones (whose names I can’t mention here, other than we had a fun time spending time with some of Jane Austen’s family!)

2. Where did the idea for the plot to be mainly situated at Chawton come from? Cass or Ada?

Ada: Oh, I think that was Cass. I’m a homebody, and I’ve been to Bath so many times that Bath is closer to being home for me… though we have a friend who runs a B&B right near Chawton so I could have been trying to book as many days there as possible? Most of my ideas revolve around me being selfish ;).

Cass: I think I did suggest it. In this second book, although time has not moved on much for Rose since she said goodbye to Jane, that’s not so for our favourite, time-travelling author. Ten years have passed, and Jane comes forward from 1813 to the present day to fetch Rose back to where she now lives – and that happened to be Chawton.

3. Did you ever play with the idea of allowing Rose to stay in the past?

Ada: Definitely.

Cass: What Ada said.

4. Do you ever find it hard to write books together, when you are situated so far away from each other?

Ada: We always do the hardest work (which is to outline the story) when we can be in the same room with each other.  Otherwise, I think our distances helps us most of the time because we are able to write and release it by sending it over to the other. By the time we hear back, we’ve had time for what we’ve written to settle in our minds, and we can more openly receive edits or feedback. If we ever had a writing emergency, I know we’d each move around our lives to be there for the other.

Cass: With the day to day writing of the book, it works incredibly well for several reasons: we have a 9-hour time difference, which means when I get to my desk early in the morning (and I’m a morning person), Ada is at her desk late evening (and she’s an evening person). We often talk or brainstorm any issues or discuss the upcoming scenes on FaceTime – sometimes three or four times a week if we’re in full-on writing mode – or exchange emails on what scene to work on that day. We use Google Drive, so we each have access to everything we write. All in all, there’s very little that’s difficult about it.

5. What part of your newest book is your favourite?

Ada: As far as humour – that would involve Morgan wearing Regency garb. My main favourite is too much of a spoiler to share, but it has to do with a goodbye.

Cass: I’m curious as to which scene that is! Hmm, that’s tricky to answer, because I love the story so much. I do love the closing scenes very much, but to be honest, any scene with Jane in is a winner for me!

6. Can you reveal to my readers what is next?

Ada: Well, Cass and I were together in the same apartment for a week in September… and we all know what happens when we’re together ;). We’ve already outlined the third book in this series and are having weekly arguments over whether or not there will be a book five (kidding! we’re stopping at three… maybe… we’ll see).

Cass: Personally, I’m relieved Ada has held back from mentioning the ten-book series she was envisioning! As for revealing what’s next, sadly not because it would be too many spoilers.

7. What is this mysterious letter, which is slid through Rose’s letterbox?

Ada: An invitation to tea!

Cass: If you believe that… I think the discerning reader will work out who it is from. As to why and how… well, you’ll have to wait and see.

8. Can we expect more adventures with Miss Austen herself? Or is it Rose who will now take the lead on the time adventures?

Ada: I think that answer will depend on if book three is truly the last of the series or not 😉 (gets tackled by Cass and gagged)

Cass: (Ignoring Ada’s muffled protests) We don’t want to give too much away, obviously, with regard to book three’s storyline, but you can rest assured, Jane Austen will feature prominently!

Thank you, Sophia, for sharing our excitement over the publication of The Unexpected Past of Miss Jane Austen! You’ve been such fabulous support. So many hugs from us to you!

Well guys, am I the only one laughing? Or looking forward to getting your hands on this amazing book?

You can buy the books from these links;

Kobo (eBook only)

Barnes & Noble/Nook

Also available in eBook format through the Apple iStore.

You can reach Cass and Ada via these links;









Last words from me for now;

These two lovely ladies are brilliant authoresses since they have made a whole world around ‘The Charm’ and Bath, which we as readers can see and almost touch by reading the books, and lastly feel like we are there alongside Rose, Aiden, Morgan and Miss Jane Austen.

See you soon guys!












When Charlotte became Romantic

Hello Everybody,

I was so lucky as to be contacted by Victoria Kincaid lately, and now are hosting her and her newest book, “When Charlotte Became Romantic” and yes, Charlotte did indeed become very romantic in this book.

When Charlotte became romantic book cover

The blurb of this sweet and romantic book sounds like this, and I promise it is so worth reading it! Charlotte suddenly became the star of the show!

A Pride and Prejudice Variation

In the original Pride and Prejudice, Elizabeth Bennet’s friend, Charlotte Lucas marries the silly and obsequious clergyman, Mr Collins.  But what if fate—and love—intervened?

Desperate to escape her parents’ constant criticism, Charlotte has accepted a proposal from Mr Collins despite recognizing his stupid and selfish nature.  But when a mysterious man from her past visits Meryton for the Christmas season, he arouses long-buried feelings and causes her to doubt her decision. 

James Sinclair’s mistakes cost him a chance with Charlotte three years ago, and he is devastated to find her engaged to another man.  Honour demands that he step aside, but his heart will not allow him to leave Meryton.  Their mutual attraction deepens; however, breaking an engagement is not a simple matter and scandal looms.  If they are to be happy, they must face her parents’ opposition, Lady Catherine’s disapproval, dangerous figures from James’s past…and Charlotte’s nagging feeling that maybe she should just marry Mr Collins.  

Charlotte had forsworn romance years ago; is it possible for her to become romantic again?


When Charlotte has agreed to marry Mr Collins, her doubts begin to resurface and a story of heartbreak and hope take it beginning, with the young woman, many of us readers know as “the plain girl” who married the fool. I personally always wondered how Charlotte became so practical of mind, to be as desperate to accept Mr Collins. Well this book, takes the “plain” out of Charlotte, at least in my eyes, and makes her the leading lady, as we have never seen her before!

As the past reappears in Meryton, in the form of a Mr Sinclair, everything suddenly makes sense why Charlotte has closed her heart and try to be so practical of mind. As Elizabeth mentions in the story, this book is full of “spies, broken engagements, a dangerous villain, gunshots, a mysterious past. It lacked only a haunted castle.” So, a very full romance story indeed. But gosh I had to shout at Charlotte a few times, it was both frustrating and lovely to read of her struggles to either follow her heart or follow her head.

I was quite shocked at how much Charlotte is looked down upon by her family, who makes her and her life into some sort of joke, which made me quite sorry for her, and which made me all the happier for the ending, where Charlotte finally showed that she was a romantic, and able to follow her heart.

The city of Bath was a near central location throughout the story, alongside Meryton – and it was quite hard not to compare Mr Sinclair and Mr Collins. To be honest there was no comparison between the two men. And both men showed their true colours within the story. It was quite a drama and an entangled mess, but what a wonderful ending!
I will highly recommend the book and congratulate Victoria Kincaid on yet another wonderful story.

Giveaway Offer;

Victoria Kincaid has also been so kind as to offer a giveaway of one copy of her new book in ebook form, “When Charlotte became romantic”

Leave a comment telling me your thoughts or answering any questions. The giveaway will end on the 28th of October at midnight. Good luck to you all 😀


You can contact Victoria Kincaid on her facebook site, or follow her on the various Amazon sites, and follow news of her publications on Goodreads.

Words from Interestsofajaneaustengirl;

Hi Guys!

As you have likely surmised by now, I have been quite busy here on my blog lately, and I hope everyone likes what I write about, since it’s going to be a very busy month, there will be at least two more reviews coming up in November, and one in early December, both from authors who have graced my blog before.  So I will be back on the 7th of November. Until then, See you when I see you.


Another Proposal by Jann Rowland

Hi Guys,

Yeah, I am back today with Jann Rowland and his newly released novella, “Another Proposal”. Jann was so nice as to offer me the chance to read this Pride and Prejudice variation novella. I will admit to laughing quite a bit during this novella!


“Another Proposal” by Jann Rowland, takes place the morning after the Netherfield Ball, straight after Elizabeth’s refusal of Mr Collins proposal. When Charlotte Lucas has dragged a furious Mr Collins away from Longbourn, Mr Darcy arrives to make his addresses to Elizabeth. Due to Mrs Bennet’s interference in the matter of Darcy’s proposal, matters take a decidedly funny turn; where Lydia is smart enough to see through Wickham and takes her sister in defence, where Lady Catherine accepts Darcy’s decision about his future with grace – and lastly where Darcy is very bold in front of witnesses.

I was laughing my head off several times, during the book, especially as Lydia made herself seem as Elizabeth’s most definite ally, once Wickham shows his deceitful person in the book.
Though I was quite surprised by the ending, especially as Jann is one of the only authors who has managed to make me like Lady Catherine!!! Imagine that!
It was also great because nearly all the characters were a little confused about how a proposal can be neither accepted nor refused. But due to gossip is seen as a definite truth. I will also admit to some surprise at Elizabeth’s reaction to her suddenly public engagement with Darcy, – though she truly shows her strength as a leading lady and Darcy’s perfect match.


Author Bio;
Jann Rowland

Jann Rowland is a Canadian, born and bred. He lives in Alberta with his wife, two sons and a young daughter. His interests have centred on the exotic fantasy worlds of Tolkien and Eddings. Later in life, these interests started to include; historical fiction, and romance with a particular focus on the works of Jane Austen. Jann has written several Jane Austen variations, including “Mistress of Longbourn.” All of Jann’s books can be found on Amazon.


Lastly, I will be back sooner rather than later, with more reviews, I can hint to a sequel of a before reviewed book here on my blog, and a book tour in the middle of November for a well-known Pride and Prejudice variation author. So stay tuned for more great books to come.