The Bennet’s; Providence & Perception

Hello to all and welcome back! Today I am hosting a new author and a new book; “The Bennet’s; Providence and perception” written by KC Cowan.


Either ignored or ridiculed by her family, Mary Bennet desires only happiness—

Poor Miss Bennet—with three sisters married, she will no doubt be left “on the shelf” unless she takes steps to secure her own happiness. So, with the arrival of Mr. Yarby, a handsome new rector for Longbourn chapel, Mary decides to use her Biblical knowledge to win his heart.

Meanwhile, her recently widowed father finds himself falling for the older sister of his new reverend. But Mr. Bennet is officially in mourning for his late wife—what a scandalous situation! Unfortunately, Longbourn’s heir, Mr. Collins, has the antennae for a scandal and makes blackmail threats.

Will an overheard conversation between the Yarby siblings break Mary’s heart? Or will it impel her to a desperate act that threatens everyone’s hopes for lasting love?


Mr. Collins was in a foul mood. Months of living with his in-laws had brought him to the sad conclusion that the optimism with which he had entered into his current arrangement as only a short break before moving to his next parish was not to be realized. He took a long walk across the fields one afternoon to think about how he might improve his situation.

Charlotte enjoys time with her parents and siblings, and I know it is a comfort to be near them while she awaits the birth of our child, although I have seen how she and her mother often huddle together for whispered conversations that always stop when I enter the room. No doubt, the two are complaining about my inability to secure a new location. I am doing my best, after all! Does she think I am happy with the way things are? I have no space of my own! I cannot share Sir William’s library. Our own bedchamber is quite small, and every other room in the house seems to be filled with people at all times!

Adding to his unhappy disposition, was a recent letter from Mr. Darcy informing Mr. Collins that, sadly, there were no livings available in Derbyshire and, further, that Mr. Darcy knew of no other potential positions.

“I wish you all the best, and be assured I shall certainly put your name forward should any suitable position come to my attention,” Darcy had written. All the proper words, but Mr. Collins could perceive no real offer of help in them.

Although he had no evidence, Mr. Collins was persuaded that Mr. Darcy’s inability to help was due to the influence of Lady Catherine. Could she have instructed her nephew not to assist him? He had had such hopes of help from Pemberley. Mrs. Darcy was his wife’s dearest friend, after all. Why had she not been able to do more?

“Bosh!” he exclaimed, abruptly striking a bush hard with his cane, causing the leaves to fly off. “She has poisoned his mind and heart against me, no doubt. What am I to do? What kind of a man cannot support his own family? Oh, the humiliation!”

He stood, fuming for a moment, and was about to turn back towards Lucas Lodge when he spied a couple crossing a nearby field. He squinted, trying to discern their identities. A man and a woman, that much was clear. And they were heading his way. For some reason, Mr. Collins felt an impulse to hide himself in a grove of trees off the main path. From there, he observed the couple strolling together, and snatches of a clearly comfortable conversation and laughter floated on the wind towards him. Still, he could not identify them.

The two reached the end of the field at the stile, and the gentleman—for it seemed apparent that it was a gentleman, Mr. Collins thought—gave his hand to assist the lady up and over the fence. The man then followed, jumping down beside her, laughing when he nearly lost his balance. Mr. Collins heard the lady join in with the merriment. Then the gentleman held his arm out, and she took it, but they did not continue walking at first. Mr. Collins’s mouth fell open as he watched the gentleman reach over to remove a bit of leaf from the lady’s bonnet near her face. He showed it to her, and she laughed again and took his hand, pressing it to her cheek.

The two turned towards the still-hidden Mr. Collins, and he gasped as their identities became clear to him.

Mr. Bennet and Mrs. Withers! Such intimate behavior between them. And him still in full mourning. Shocking! Well, well, well.

He continued to stay hidden as the couple walked up the path towards Longbourn, their hands just brushing each other as they strolled. When they were gone, he left the grove of trees, a small smile of satisfaction upon his face.

This might well be the answer to my securing a new position.


KC Cowan spent her professional life working in the media as a news reporter in Portland, Oregon for KGW-TV, KPAM-AM and KXL-AM radio, and as original host and story producer for a weekly arts program on Oregon Public Television. She is co-author of the fantasy series: Journey to Wizards’ KeepThe Hunt for Winter, and Everfire. The Hunt for Winter and Everfire were both awarded First Place OZMA citations from Chanticleer International Book Awards for fantasy writing.

KC is also the author of two other books: “The Riches of a City” – the story of Portland, Oregon, and “They Ain’t Called Saints for Nothing!” in collaboration with artist Chris Haberman, a tongue-in-cheek look at saints. She is married and lives in Tucson, Arizona.






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Hello to all, personally I think this books sounds hilarious and still I feel so for Mary! To be left on ones own, and more or less ignored. I hope with reading further in the book, I will see a happy ending for Mary, and also to see just how devious Mr Collins can be… 😀 The idea that Mr Bennet will also fall in love sounds both incredible and a bit weird, but I can’t wait to see where this leads, my hope; a HEA!

Onwards to the GIVEAWAY!


Meryton Press will be giving away one eBook for each stop on the Blog Tour, for a total of six eBooks. Please leave a comment to be included in the giveaway. I will be drawing a winner from the comments, and let the author know, who will contact the winner and send the book along. There is both the mobi or ePub versions of this book available in the giveaway. Good luck all! I will draw a winner on the 30th of this month.

That was it, dear readers! Please check back in soon! I will be hosting a lot of authors and their books in the upcoming weeks, including Don Jacobson and his new book.


14 thoughts on “The Bennet’s; Providence & Perception

  1. Mr Collins! What a despicable little man he is! I wonder what he is planning? Well I’m hoping to start reading this today so I will no doubt find out!
    Please don’t enter me in the giveaway!


  2. oh I wonder what happened for him to loose favor with Lady C and what he might have lined up for others. I look forward to happy endings for Mr B & Mary.


    1. I did a deep dive into the rules and reasons regarding firing a rector. There’s a reason it’s called “a living.” You usually have it for life, but there ARE ways…


  3. Don’t we all just love to hate Mr. Collins!?! He is such a lovely character – not! Thanks for the fun excerpt K.C. and for doing the deep dive into the rules and reasons about firing a rector. Sophia, thank you for hosting K.C. It’s always good to spend a little time visiting at your blog. Hope things are going well for you these days. 🙂

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  4. It was a surprise to know Mr. Bennet was out of his bookroom and enjoying the company of a lady, this is nice .However, intrigued at what Mr Collins will do next…Thank you for sharing.


  5. So that is how Mr Collins came to know that Mr Bennet and Mrs Withers are seeing when he is still in mourning. I hate how Mr Collins will use this knowledge to blackmail his relative. I hope he gets his comeuppance soon.

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