Mr Darcy’s Persuasion

Hello All, yesterday I got a wonderful gift through my door from my first guests here on my blog, seven years ago, namely Cass Grafton and her co-author Ada Bright. They published a new book, yesterday, namely, “Mr. Darcy’s Persuasion.” Let me just say, that I sat down right there and then, and started reading from the point where Cass Grafton and Ada Bright had left us readers in December, when they posted several chapters of the book on their blogs. So, I will welcome back Cass Grafton and Ada Bright, and congratulations on your new book. Since these two ladies were some of my first guests here, I promised to review the book and here it is. Enjoy!


Mr Darcy’s Persuasion

As I opened the cover of this gorgeous new book, I knew I would love it! And yeah I was so right! Would I sigh, curse and laugh? Yeah more than! 

The plot, well takes place mostly in Somersetshire in the home of the Elliots of Kellynch Hall from Austen’s Persuasion. Into the mix Darcy and Georgiana Darcy are introduced, wintering in South England due to Georgiana recovering from a severe case of cold. 

Soon Elizabeth Bennet and Anne Elliot returns from Hertfordshire and on goes the drama! After reading for 5 minutes straight I was completely back into the plot which I had followed during the winter on Cass Grafton’s blog. 

Since this is a true variation, we also got to know Anne Elliott and Captain Wentworth, who appears, part way through the plot! And an old flame is rekindled and has hope for the future. 

As the plot thickened I was more and more inclined to curse the two ladies who wrote this book, but damn they know just how to get a reader to continue to read even if it ends up being 2am in the morning! Suddenly Darcy are entangled into a web and so goes the wild chase to get him out and to get him onto the right track. 

Meanwhile has Elizabeth realised her mistaken view of Darcy and understands the trouble of Wickham and what harm he had left on Georgiana. 

And yet again when the plot finally looked like it would come together, the two brilliant ladies did a 180 again with the plot and twisted it further! I seriously sat up and nearly screamed at the book “Seriously?! You have got to be kidding me! Of course that would happen!” 

As the ending neared I was laughing myself hoarse at the hilarity which happens during the last 15-20 pages, it was beyond brilliant and utterly hilarious 🤣 Even now after finishing the book, I have to say, the plot is SO typical Ada and Cass! But something I also noted was how much their combined writing has the touch of Austen’s own writing style, and with some of their antics I will definitely call them the modern Austen’s of variation writing. 


This book is available on Amazon and can be read FREE on Kindle Unlimited.

I will leave you all here, since I have another blog entry today! *giggles* See you later!

2 thoughts on “Mr Darcy’s Persuasion

  1. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. I adore your reviews. They feel like you are sitting down with a friend and going over your book impressions. So glad you enjoyed this one! I did too. Especially how Elizabeth reacts and interacts with Anne. And the scenes with Wentworth—swoon! And Darcy—swoon! xx


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