When Charlotte became Romantic

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I was so lucky as to be contacted by Victoria Kincaid lately, and now are hosting her and her newest book, “When Charlotte Became Romantic” and yes, Charlotte did indeed become very romantic in this book.

When Charlotte became romantic book cover

The blurb of this sweet and romantic book sounds like this, and I promise it is so worth reading it! Charlotte suddenly became the star of the show!

A Pride and Prejudice Variation

In the original Pride and Prejudice, Elizabeth Bennet’s friend, Charlotte Lucas marries the silly and obsequious clergyman, Mr Collins.  But what if fate—and love—intervened?

Desperate to escape her parents’ constant criticism, Charlotte has accepted a proposal from Mr Collins despite recognizing his stupid and selfish nature.  But when a mysterious man from her past visits Meryton for the Christmas season, he arouses long-buried feelings and causes her to doubt her decision. 

James Sinclair’s mistakes cost him a chance with Charlotte three years ago, and he is devastated to find her engaged to another man.  Honour demands that he step aside, but his heart will not allow him to leave Meryton.  Their mutual attraction deepens; however, breaking an engagement is not a simple matter and scandal looms.  If they are to be happy, they must face her parents’ opposition, Lady Catherine’s disapproval, dangerous figures from James’s past…and Charlotte’s nagging feeling that maybe she should just marry Mr Collins.  

Charlotte had forsworn romance years ago; is it possible for her to become romantic again?


When Charlotte has agreed to marry Mr Collins, her doubts begin to resurface and a story of heartbreak and hope take it beginning, with the young woman, many of us readers know as “the plain girl” who married the fool. I personally always wondered how Charlotte became so practical of mind, to be as desperate to accept Mr Collins. Well this book, takes the “plain” out of Charlotte, at least in my eyes, and makes her the leading lady, as we have never seen her before!

As the past reappears in Meryton, in the form of a Mr Sinclair, everything suddenly makes sense why Charlotte has closed her heart and try to be so practical of mind. As Elizabeth mentions in the story, this book is full of “spies, broken engagements, a dangerous villain, gunshots, a mysterious past. It lacked only a haunted castle.” So, a very full romance story indeed. But gosh I had to shout at Charlotte a few times, it was both frustrating and lovely to read of her struggles to either follow her heart or follow her head.

I was quite shocked at how much Charlotte is looked down upon by her family, who makes her and her life into some sort of joke, which made me quite sorry for her, and which made me all the happier for the ending, where Charlotte finally showed that she was a romantic, and able to follow her heart.

The city of Bath was a near central location throughout the story, alongside Meryton – and it was quite hard not to compare Mr Sinclair and Mr Collins. To be honest there was no comparison between the two men. And both men showed their true colours within the story. It was quite a drama and an entangled mess, but what a wonderful ending!
I will highly recommend the book and congratulate Victoria Kincaid on yet another wonderful story.

Giveaway Offer;

Victoria Kincaid has also been so kind as to offer a giveaway of one copy of her new book in ebook form, “When Charlotte became romantic”

Leave a comment telling me your thoughts or answering any questions. The giveaway will end on the 28th of October at midnight. Good luck to you all 😀


You can contact Victoria Kincaid on her facebook site, or follow her on the various Amazon sites, and follow news of her publications on Goodreads.

Words from Interestsofajaneaustengirl;

Hi Guys!

As you have likely surmised by now, I have been quite busy here on my blog lately, and I hope everyone likes what I write about, since it’s going to be a very busy month, there will be at least two more reviews coming up in November, and one in early December, both from authors who have graced my blog before.  So I will be back on the 7th of November. Until then, See you when I see you.


7 thoughts on “When Charlotte became Romantic

  1. Well, no woman deserves such a ridiculous husband as Mr Collins, except maybe Miss Bingley. Good foe Charlotte that she got away in time!


  2. This sounds like a lovely story! I am certainly going to read it. I’m glad that there is a backstory for Charlotte’s “realistic” outlook on life. But…who marries Collins, then?


  3. This is sooo what I want for Charlotte! I never, never believed that she really did not need love, esteem, respect and a true partnership in marriage. I love any story that gives it to her!


  4. Congratulations on your new book!

    I feel that maybe she was more realistic about how it was for women. I am loving the idea that she had a disappointment prior to P and P. Never thought of that possibility before.


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