A dutiful Son by Kelly Miller

Welcome back everyone, old and new readers! Today I am hosting a returning authoress, namely Kelly Miller and her new book, “A dutiful son”, its a Pride and Prejudice variation, and a very good one at that. But for now, I will leave you in Kelly’s hands.


What will Fitzwilliam Darcy do when his beloved father stands between him and happiness?

Darcy has always emulated his wise and honourable father, George Darcy. But following a sinister act of betrayal by a former family friend, his father rejects his most benevolent principles.

When Georgiana forms a friendship with Miss Elizabeth Bennet, Darcy convinces his father to allow the association to continue. However, Elizabeth soon presents a thorny problem: she entices Darcy as no other lady has before, and with his father’s current outlook, he would not approve of her as a daughter-in-law.

Still, Darcy’s problem may resolve in time: his father, after getting to know Elizabeth, is certain to recognise her many admirable qualities and change his mind. But what if he does not?

In this Pride & Prejudice Regency variation, Fitzwilliam Darcy is caught between the influences of love and duty. Which of these will wield the greatest power?


Thank you so much for hosting me today, Sophia! I have an excerpt today from Chapter 2 of “A Dutiful Son.” This scene, written in Elizabeth Bennet’s point of view, takes place the morning after Jane has taken ill and spent the night at Netherfield Hall. While on her way to the estate, Elizabeth encounters Georgiana and Fitzwilliam Darcy, who are both on horseback.

She exchanged greetings with Mr. and Miss Darcy. “I am going to Netherfield Park to see my sister. Can you tell me how she fares?”

Crinkles formed around Mr. Darcy’s dark eyes. “The apothecary, Mr. Jones, saw her last night. I understand she suffered from a fever at the time. He gave her a draught and will return to see her today.”

“Thank you.”

“Oh dear.” Miss Darcy’s forehead constricted. “A large section of the path we just crossed is completely covered in mud this morning. I do not recommend you take it on foot.”

“I suspected that might be the case. Our carriage was unavailable, so I had no alternative. But I have wended my way through mud before. I shall manage.”

“You need not do so on this occasion.” With a glance at Mr. Darcy, Miss Darcy leaned forward in the saddle. “I could ride back to the house with my brother upon Regal and you could ride Pansy.”

He nodded. “Yes, that is a good notion.”

“I thank you, but I am not dressed for riding.”

“Oh yes, I ought to have thought of that.” Miss Darcy’s smile faded.

“I see. Your skirt is too narrow.” Mr. Darcy rubbed a hand over his mouth. “You could sit sideways upon Regal and ride with me.”

She gaped at him. “I could not do that; it would not be proper!”

“It would be ill-advised if we were alone, but my sister will accompany us the entire time. The area overspread with deep mud is perhaps ten yards long and too wide for you to go around. Once we have crossed it, you could walk the rest of the way. I should hate for you to soil your dress when it can be avoided.”

Elizabeth pulled her lower lip between her teeth. To arrive with her petticoats covered in mud would provide fodder for the Bingley sisters to disparage her. But the magnificent black stallion made a far more imposing figure than Baxter. “Are you quite certain your horse will not object to carrying both of us?”

“You need not be concerned.” Miss Darcy glimpsed at Mr. Darcy. “Regal is devoted to my brother and trusts him implicitly.”

Mr. Darcy held her in a solemn gaze. “I should not have made the suggestion if I had any doubt for your safety.”

“Very well. I shall ride with you past the muddiest area and walk the rest of the way.”

He dismounted and waved her closer. “Stand here with your back to Regal.”

She followed his instruction and sucked in her breath as his hands closed around her waist. He raised her upon the animal’s back, appearing to expend no more effort than if he had lifted a doll. The celerity of his action prevented her from dwelling on the intimacy involved, yet fire seared her cheeks, and her heart surged to a raging rhythm.

“Hold onto Regal’s mane.”

Elizabeth twisted at the waist and grabbed the coarse black hair with both hands.

He mounted and sat behind her. “Are you ready to proceed?”


Mr. Darcy urged Regal forward. The steed maintained a walk, but without stirrups to steady her, the rocking motion of the gait pushed her back against the gentleman’s chest with each step—until she had the presence of mind to brace herself in a forward position.

She had never before been in such an intimate position with a man unrelated to her. Along with the smells attributable to the horse, another scent surrounded her that must have been Mr. Darcy’s—a pleasing mixture of aromas: pine, citrus, and others too subtle to identify. In her experience, males often had strong body odours that could be offensive. But his scent tantalised her senses, delivering a strange intoxicating effect.

The wisdom of the Darcys’ advice soon became apparent. On foot, she could not have avoided the extensive stretch of viscous mud ahead. Had she trudged through it, she would have been a sorry sight upon her arrival.

The mighty black steed took a faltering step into the worst section of mud. For a frightening second, she stilled. Would she, Mr. Darcy, and the horse all tumble down together?

“All is well.” His euphonious baritone inches from her ear restored her equanimity. The horse made a quick adjustment and continued without incident.

She took shallow breaths until they emerged from the sludge onto firm earth. “I believe I can walk from here.”

“Very well.” Mr. Darcy dismounted. Once again, he gripped her waist and lowered her to the ground in a smooth, easy motion.

Elizabeth’s anticipation of this contact—which lasted no more than a second or two—did nothing to lessen the impact. Mr. Darcy’s maddening touch stole her focus. After he released her, the heightened sensation of warmth at her sides lingered. At least her racing heart now slowed to a normal pace.

Thank you, Kelly for allowing us this view into your new book! It was a pleasure to read it, and of course, since I have read the book, I was quite pleased with it!


The story takes it start stright after the Ramsgate episode. And to my utter surprise George Darcy is still alive at this point, and therefore master of Pemberley, and Fitzwilliam only the heir.

With the Ramsgate incident, George Darcy goes back on his progressive ways and adopt a more traditional view of things; friendships with tradesmen and who to marry and why. This has quite a few good and bad consequences for both Georgiana and Fitzwilliam Darcy. Though the famous romance between Elizabeth and Darcy doesn’t change, much to my relief, – though they have a better start at the assembly in Meryton. This is where the first sparks are lit, and a friendship starts for the two headstrong characters.

During the visit to Meryton, Georgiana is also present, and she and Elizabeth forms a friendship, and Georgiana is also involved with getting Elizabeth back on her horse, quite literally, – she gets Elizabeth to start riding again on a very friendly horse, named Baxter. Elizabeth forms enduring friendships with both Baxter, the horse, Georgiana and Darcy which sets the tone for the book.

Much to my enjoyment and pleasure, Darcy FINALLY puts Wickham in his place by hitting him! I will admit to cheering, loudly! hehe

There was so many surprises throughout this story. Many of them I enjoyed greatly, some where I was shaking my head in denial, and again a few where I was ready to throw my kindle away, though the last ones where few.

By the end of the visit to Meryton, Georgiana invites Elizabeth to Pemberley for the summer, and then the drama begins. During the visit to Pemberley, Elizabeth is made aware that she has no hope of securing Fitzwilliam Darcy or his cousin, the former Col. Fitzwilliam as potenial husbands, even if Elizabeth has already developed feelings for Darcy. Meanwhile George Darcy makes his wishes clear to his son, that he marries a woman from their own circle, and Darcy tries to be a dutiful son, and follow his father’s wishes, even if his heart rebels.

An unexpected courtship and proposal takes place at Pemberley, while Darcy is trying to follow his father’s wishes and court Miss Talbot, a neighbour to Pemberley. As for the courtship/proposal Elizabeth is subjected to, I will admit that I was ready to throttle Kelly for allowing Elizabeth to be put in such a situation, but thankfully happiness prevails in the end and George Darcy changes his mind and blesses his son’s decision and happiness. The ending was satisfying, and lovely and made me shed a tear or two. A lovely book! Can’t wait for more books by Kelly.


Award-winning author Kelly Miller is a native Californian and Anglophile, who made her first visit to England in 2019. When not pondering a plot point or a turn of phrase, she can be found playing the piano, singing, or walking her dogs. Kelly Miller resides in Silicon Valley with her husband, daughter, and their pets.

Kelly’s blog page is found at www.kellymiller.merytonpress.com, her Twitter handle is @kellyrei007, Instagram: kelly.miller.author, TikTok: @kellymillerauthor, and she is on Facebook: www.facebook.Author.Kelly.Miller

A Dutiful Son is her sixth book published by Meryton Press. The first five are:

Death Takes a Holiday at Pemberley, a Pride and Prejudice Regency romantic sequel with a touch of fantasy.

Winner: Royal Dragonfly Book Awards and Indies Today Book Awards

Finalist: International Book Awards and Book Excellence Awards

Mr. Darcy’s Perfect Match, a Pride and Prejudice Regency romantic variation

Recommended Read: Author Shout Reader Ready Awards

Accusing Mr. Darcy, a Pride and Prejudice Regency romantic mystery

Winner: Firebird Book Awards and Queer Indie Awards-Ally Division

Recommended Read: Author Shout Reader Ready Awards

Finalist: Wishing Shelf Book Awards and Chanticleer International Book Awards

A Consuming Love, a Pride and Prejudice Regency novella

Winner: Royal Dragonfly Book Awards.

Recommended Read: Author Shout Reader Ready Awards

Captive Hearts, a Persuasion Regency variation

Contact Info

Kelly’s blog page is found at www.kellymiller.merytonpress.com, her Twitter handle is @kellyrei007, Instagram: kelly.miller.author, TikTok: @kellymillerauthor, and she is on Facebook: www.facebook.Author.Kelly.Miller

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  1. I’m loving Darcy and Elizabeth’s interaction in Hertfordshire although from your review I’m a little worried for them at Pemberley! It’s such a relief to be assured of a happy ending and it does appear to be Darcy senior coming between them rather than misunderstandings.

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  2. The excerpts for this book leave me cheering for a happy ending for Darcy and Elizabeth and I know Kelly will deliver–but evidently there will some angst first. Well done, Kelly! I’m looking forward to reading the entire book.

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  3. Sophia, thank you for hosting Kelly and for writing such a heartfelt and insightful review. It is much appreciated. Another lovely excerpt, Kelly. Thank you!

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  4. Toe-curling excerpt today! I also appreciate the review, which gives more insight into the novel and makes it more enticing. Thanks to Kelly for the wonderful story and to Sophia for hosting.

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