As a Proper Lady Would by Bronwen Chisholm

Hello All and welcome back to the desk of Interests of a Jane Austen Girl, wow its been a while since I posted anything, but I am seriously busy at the moment, two books is on the desk, being read, hold your breath, one is a sequel to one I reviewed last year! And I have just started a very intensive course of Health and Sports Massage, exam is in 5 weeks! So I give you another welcome back to a much read author, namely Bronwen Chisholm! Bronwen, the desk is yours 🙂

Hello! I am so pleased to be visiting you here at Interests of a Jane Austen Girl again. The first novel in my Defying Propriety Series, As a Proper Lady Would, will be available October 1st on Kindle and in paperback. Though I did a cover reveal last week at Austen Authors, it has changed slightly. Here it is along with the blurbs for both the series and this first book.

We are formed by experiences of our childhood. Family and friends influence our character. Decisions, wise and foolish, direct our path. Through chance encounters and early introductions, our beloved Pride and Prejudice characters come together on a slightly different path which may, to some, defy propriety

All the books in this series are sweet, clean romances.

In this first book of the Defying Propriety Series, we watch as Elizabeth and Darcy learn what society expects of them, while attempting to achieve what they truly desire in life. The well-known characters, as well as a few new ones, grow from childhood to a marriageable age; some reveal different facets of their personalities, while others are doomed to follow the same paths.

I know I have said this before about other books, but it really is the truth. I had so much fun writing this story. We meet our favorite characters when they are children, and we get to see some of the pivotal moments in their lives. Through tears and laughter, we get a glimpse at why they are the way they are and how they can change.

In addition, I was able to throw little tidbits into the story. When researching girls’ schools, I learned about Jane Austen’s brief schooling and was able to make a nod to one of the institutions she attended. As a teenager, I read V.C. Andrews’ Dollanganger Series. If you’ve read it, see if you catch my mention of one character’s name. And the thing I enjoy doing more than anything else when I write these variations, I got to take some of Jane Austen’s dialogue and have a different character voice it. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I loved writing it.


Just make a comment on this blog and Sophia will pick 1 lucky winner to receive an ebook copy of As a Proper Lady Would. Good luck! I can’t wait to read your comments.

Bronwen Chisholm has released seven Pride and Prejudice variations since 2014. She takes great pleasure in searching for potential “plot twists” and finding the way back to a happy ending.
Her love of writing has led her to several writing groups, and she is currently serving as the vice president of the Riverside Writers and organizes the Riverside Young Writers.
For more information, visit her at

11 thoughts on “As a Proper Lady Would by Bronwen Chisholm

  1. I’m a fan of Darcy and Elizabeth meeting when young so I’m looking forward to this story. I do hope they are impressed with each other leading to a strong friendship.Thank you for sharing news of this.

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  2. Their initial encounter is brief, but memorable, and their next meeting is at the Meryton assembly, so they don’t really come to know one another prior then. I think you will still enjoy it though.


  3. I would say yes. The first book is, of course, Elizabeth and Darcy’s story. The others fall in line after that. Each story follows a different couple, so they could stand alone, but they are chronological as events occur, if that makes sense.

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