Something to think of by P. O. Dixon

I want to welcome an author who I have long followed, read more or less everything from for the last several years. Welcome to P.O. Dixon to the desk of Interests of a Jane Austen Girl.  


Miss Elizabeth Bennet is suffering something akin to regret having refused Mr. Darcy’s proposal because of his interference in Jane’s relationship with Mr. Bingley. Indeed, her sister has a new love interest—the charming Mr. Hemmingsworth. Moreover, Mr. Hemmingsworth has a brother—an identical twin. Will a second chance at love for Jane lead to a second chance at love for Elizabeth too?


As Elizabeth is speculating on the insulting proposal Mr Darcy made, we all know how many feelings are being worked on and how many ways her mind are turning his words. 

But Pam Dixon surprised and delighted me with yet another delightful twisty plot, new characters who I completely fell in love with, laughed at and giggled with. Jane Bennet was heavily involved in this plot, and was I just delighted? Oh yes! She finally stood up for herself and made sure that everyone knew where her heart was. 

I will admit to some angst during the read, which most of the time made me want to drop my head onto my table in resignation, but no Pam turned it quickly around, and I can only say, “THANK GOD!” 

Darcy and Elizabeth obviously burn for each other, throughout this story, in one way or another, but it is quickly surmised where we are heading as I read. It could only end one way… 


Bestselling historical fiction author, P. O. Dixon, is a great admirer of Historical England and its fascinating days of yore. She, in particular, loves the Regency period with its strict mores and oh so proper decorum. Her ardent appreciation of Jane Austen’s timeless works set her on the writer’s journey. Visit and find out more about Dixon’s writings.

One thought on “Something to think of by P. O. Dixon

  1. Love Ms Dixon’s books. Always looking forward to reading her stories. Thank you especially for sharing your thoughts/views on this book. (Looking ofrward to parts that will spark my laughter too)


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