Twists of Fate by Joana Starnes

I am happy to welcome back a much-beloved authoress Joana Starnes with her new book, “Twists of fate.” her book made me both chuckle, scream and I nearly strangled Joana a few times. 


As the book opens, Collins is making his proposals to Elizabeth, which turns sour and sends Elizabeth towards her aunt’s house in Meryton. Soon scandal rolls through Meryton, and Collins is evicted from Longbourn by a furious Mr Bennet, much to my delight and cheer, I applauded loudly. So Elizabeth and Darcy are forced to wed, and of course, the drama follows them to Pemberley. As happiness is finally reached, I was ready to read the words, “The end.” but the end was still to come.

I have to admit to wanting to strangle Joana at a particular point, or three hehe and also screamed at my kindle, quite a few times. The book had all the hallmarks of a Joana Starnes book; drama, screaming, torture for both Darcy and Elizabeth – but also the heartwarming talent of feeling like you are with friends inside the book. The way Joana writes her characters has always been so very talented since she brings them to life. Joana also has the talent of making at least I want to scream or laugh with the characters throughout the plot. 

But by the end, I was more than pleased with the HEA, and I can only say congratulations to Joana on a brilliant book. 


Joana Starnes lives in the south of England with her family.

A medical graduate, over the years she has developed an unrelated but enduring fascination with
Georgian Britain in general and the works of
Jane Austen in particular, as well as with the remarkable
and flamboyant set of people
who have given the Regency period its brilliance and glory.

For years, Joana has sought glimpses of Regency Britain in country houses, letters, diaries and old books – and has found tantalising snippets from a world Jane Austen and her characters would have recognised, with titbits of delicious gossip, long-held traditions, hints of fashion, echoes of events that would change history, as well as glances into the lost world of the English country house, in all its self-sufficient splendour.
 All this, Joana would like to share with her readers, in the hope that they would enjoy the journey
​back in time in search of Pemberley just as much as she does.


3 thoughts on “Twists of Fate by Joana Starnes

  1. Thankfully there isn’t QUITE as much torture in this book, but yes, it’s definitely there. All caused by a misunderstanding of something overheard! I felt so sorry for both Darcy and Elizabeth in this book. However I loved, LOVED Elizabeth’s way of resolving it! Just fabulous Joana! Thank you!


  2. You are really tempting me to buy this book despite a book buying/getting moratorium! This would definitely be quite a roller coaster ride for my nerves, but it would be worth it. Thank you for this really insightful review.


  3. Wow thanks for the review…There are books by Ms Starnes that I felt like I want to pull someone’s hair.. looking forward to reading this.


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