Dare to refuse such a man

Hello all! When this goes online, I will be sitting my entrance exam to History at University, so wish me luck!


“He is the kind of man, indeed, to whom I should never dare refuse anything which he condescended to ask.”

– Mr Bennet, Pride and Prejudice Volume III, Chapter 17

It had never occurred to Fitzwilliam Darcy that, once he had chosen a bride, her father might dare to refuse his consent. When his dearest, loveliest Elizabeth is taken from him with only a curt note of explanation, he determines that, far from accepting her father’s rejection of his suit, he must instead find her again and make his case. After all, a woman worthy of being pleased is also worth fighting for.

Several months shy of her majority, it is not so simple a thing to defy Mr Bennet’s will, but Elizabeth, for the sake of her future happiness, must try. With various allies in her corner, as well as foes standing against her, Elizabeth’s courage must rise against all attempts at intimidation. Even from her own, much beloved father.


The Prologue had me caught within a page! The Meryton Assembly, and instead of an insult, Darcy and Elizabeth run into each other arms! I was shrieking with happiness and shock! But the best form of shock!
As I read about the visit to Pemberley, – Elizabeth and her aunt and uncle Gardiner visit Pemberley and meets Darcy and omg, I nearly died right there and then!

As I was reading, about the summer in Derbyshire, I fell in love with the book. Reading about Darcy and Elizabeth falling in love with each other, was the best feeling ever. And when Mr Bennet appeared in Derbyshire, I nearly threw my kindle across the room, in a fit of anger and frustration!

And the one thing which made my jaw hit the floor was when Mr Bennet tells Darcy, “Elizabeth is already engaged these fifteen years!” I think these words nearly shocked me into a shriek of “WHAT!?!” But Darcy is summarily refused by Mr Bennet!! I will let you guess who Elizabeth’s betrothed is, and I dare say, you will not like it! And what you will like even less is what Mr Bennet allows his betrothed to do to Elizabeth! I was beyond furious when I read it.

But the continued sneaking around by Darcy and Elizabeth had me sighing with delight. There was a special scene, that seriously reminded me of “Somewhere in time”, the scene between Elise and Richard (Search on youtube “Somewhere in time – Richard and Elise reunited” that was the scene I saw in my head just with Darcy and Elizabeth! And I wept like a child! And I loved it!

But on a side note, for the first or maybe the second time, my respect for Mrs Bennet rose a LOT! Normally, I like Mr Bennet just fine, but this around, well, let’s say that I wanted to kick his arse more or less until 90% through the book, so Mary has written a book she can be very proud of! I was very much impressed and loved the romance between Darcy and Elizabeth, they have become my new favourite! Well done Mary!


Mary Smythe is a homemaker living in South Carolina with a rather useless BA in English collecting dust in a closet somewhere. Mrs Smythe discovered the works of Jane Austen as a teenager thanks to the 1995 BBC Pride and Prejudice miniseries featuring Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle and has since gone on to read everything written by Ms Austen at least once yearly, always wishing that there were more. She has been writing since 2001, but only discovered Jane Austen Fanfiction in the summer of 2018. Dare to Refuse Such a Man is the first full-length novel she has ever completed, though she can boast a few shorter works in her library, as well.

You can pre-order this wonderful book on amazon; http://www.amazon.com


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5 thoughts on “Dare to refuse such a man

  1. I hope your exam went well, good luck with the result.
    Mr Bennet is definitely, definitely not my favourite person in this book! Mrs Bennet on the other hand? I do look forward to having my own copy of this and reading it again as it was a while ago when I read it online!
    Thank you for this lovely review.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Intriguing story to favor Mrs Bennet than Mr. B. definitely , one to read!!

    Thank you for your review (I think I had watched somewhere in time before, will check it out to remind myself of that scene)

    Thank you for the giveaway


  3. Intriguing review and plot. Definitely a JAFF I haven’t read before. Disliking Mr Bennet…quiet an accomplishment. And an active Mr. Darcy pursuing Elizabeth. I’ll definitely look out for this book.


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