Fitzwilliam Darcy – Undone

Hello all! Yes, I am back somehow, but again I am only presenting a book from one of my favourite authors, who I discovered last year with her book III about Georgiana Darcy. This time Sue Barr has written a book which has everything, I swear; love, magic, mystery, a fantastic plot and of course also drama beyond measure! And besides there’s a giveaway!

Book Blurb:

She’s the outcast in her family. 

Elizabeth knows she’s different from the rest of her family. She has visions and strange dreams and sees things others do not. With the advent of the odious Mr Darcy, and his friends from Netherfield Park. As well, as the amiable Mr Wickham of the shire Militia. Her powers seem to increase, and her greatest fear is that she won’t be able to contain them, and will be discovered. 

He has eight hundred years of tradition to uphold.

No Darcy has married a non-magical woman since arriving on the shores of England with William the Conqueror in 1066. However, his kind – Miatharans – are dwindling in numbers. Miatharan magic only flows through aristocratic bloodlines, so his strange obsession with Miss Elizabeth Bennet is puzzling as she is not of noble blood. Just a country squire’s beautiful daughter who has him slowly becoming undone.

Let me hint that magic and royalty, and fascinating history is behind this plot, and I can only say the book is very, very good! 

Review of the book;

As I opened the book, I was ready to be either fascinated or hating the book, but after a few pages, I loved the book and loved how Elizabeth discovered the issue of magic in her family line! I also loved to read as Darcy is falling in love with Elizabeth! Wow, what a drama, and it was so good to read his feelings – though something which surprised me was the history of the Darcy’s. 

What would Pride & Prejudice be like if Darcy and Elizabeth had a touch of magic in their lives?

I wanted to show the bond between Darcy and his cousin, Colonel Fitzwilliam, extended beyond familial boundaries. In this scene we reveal an aspect of Darcy which can explain a lot of his deeply held arrogance. It’s part of the history of his kind and shows what his family gave up in order to acclimate to human life in England when they came over in 1066 with William the Conqueror.

 It took another forty-five minutes before they were finally crossing the verdant fields which surrounded Netherfield Park. Although a bit run down from lack of a proper master, the estate held much promise and Darcy did the best he could in such a short amount of time to educate Bingley on what he needed to run such an enterprise. Away from the alluring pull of both Miss Bennet’s the men enjoyed their day and he was reminded of how good Bingley was when it came to management of time and people. Beneath his open and congenial veneer lay an astute business man. He quickly grasped what was needed to make Netherfield prosper and before the day was out had offered a few suggestions of his own to increase profitability from some of the fields and tenant farms. If only he applied these sentiments toward his sister, Darcy thought more than once.

The sun had begun its final descent, throwing shades of red and pink onto the horizon when they and their weary horses cantered up to the stable. He brushed down his faithful stallion and agreed to meet Charles in the parlor before dining. He’d no sooner entered his bed chamber than Richard strode in from the valet’s room.

“Good, you’re back. I was beginning to worry you’d never come home.”

“This is not home.”

“Don’t be daft, it was a figure of speech. I waited because I know you’re interested in our mutual friend, Wickham.”

“Never say he is my friend. Wickham and friend should never be thrown together in a sentence, unless you are teaching someone about opposites, like black and white, or love and hate.”

“Fine. How about mutual acquaintance?”

“No.” Darcy tugged at his cravat and threw it onto his dresser. “Move along Richard, I’m in no mood for any humor.”“What’s new with that?” At his glare, Richard lifted his hands as though in surrender. “Okay, okay. No more. I hate him as much as you.”

“I doubt that.”

“Nay, Darcy.” Richard laid a hand on his forearm and gripped tight. “I love Georgiana as a sister and my anger runs deep and fast. I only manage it better than you as I’ve had years of practice on the battlefield.”

Darcy looked deep into his cousin’s eyes and saw truth. He gripped Richard’s forearms as their ancestors used to do when they pledged fealty. “I’m grateful you are in this with me. We will vanquish Wickham and rid England of this scourge.”

“Your wish is my command. I stand behind, I stand before, I stand with. My life for yours.” Richard said the old words with much solemnity. “You are my liege and I pledge to follow.”

Darcy covered the hand Richard gripped his forearm with and squeezed. “I am no longer royalty, Richard. We gave that up when our ancestor D’Arcy came over with William from Normandy and he ascended to the throne, but I appreciate the sentiment.”

“Be that as it may, I stand by my pledge.”

They released their grips and moved apart.  

See what I mean? Well, the drama continued, especially as Elizabeth learns more of her abilities with her magic, and how the couple find each other… and I promise, there will be LOTS and LOTS of drama! And as always Wickham makes a nuissance of himself, and Darcy and Colonel Fitzwilliam have to deal with the scoundrel.

And of course, Sue also leaves us with a happy ending! 

About the Author:

‘The prairie dust is in my blood but no longer on my shoes.’

Although it’s been over forty-two years since Sue called Saskatchewan home, her roots to that straight-lined province and childhood friends run deep. The only thing strong enough to entice her to pack up and leave was love. When a handsome Air Force pilot met this small-town girl, he swept her off her feet and they embarked on a fantastic adventure which found them settled in beautiful Southwestern Ontario when hubby retired from the military and began his second career as an airline pilot.

Sue started writing in 2009 and sold her first manuscript in 2010. Always a reader of Regency romance, she discovered Jane Austen Fan Fiction in 2014 and almost immediately wanted to know – Whatever happened to Caroline Bingley after her brother and Mr. Darcy became engaged to a Bennet sister? From that question, her first JAFF book was launched.

In her spare time, Sue cans and preserves her own food, cooks almost everything from scratch and grows herbs to dehydrate. Her latest venture is to create her own spice seasonings, experiment with artisan breads and make her own homemade vanilla. Hubby has no complaints other than his jeans keep shrinking. At least that’s what he claims…. Her sons, their wives and all seven grandchildren don’t mind this slight obsession either.


Amazon Author Page:


*Sue Barr will giveaway an ebook of this latest novel to 3 random winners for entire blog tour. Follow the tour and join in the comments to be entered to win. Sue will choose the random winners and announce the winners on social media on December 5.


8 thoughts on “Fitzwilliam Darcy – Undone

  1. I have this book so please don’t enter me in the giveaway. I loved it! I love Darcy’s passion for Elizabeth! I love the lengths he’s prepared to go for her, and I love her passion for him once she understands him.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. First question a prairie girl has to ask is: Where are you from?? I hail from Shelbrook, although I went to college in Saskatoon, worked in Waskesiu, moved to Moose Jaw for my job, and met hubby there. Small world, glad you popped in.


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