Victoria Kincaid Reviews

Hi All, can you believe that July is nearly over already? Well I have promised a few reviews to lovely Victoria Kincaid so here they are.

“When Mary met the colonel” by Victoria Kincaid

During the wedding celebration of Darcy and Elizabeth, Colonel Richard Fitzwilliam is forced to seek respite in the Longbourn gardens, where he meets Mary Bennet, lover of history and shy maiden. Here an attraction starts, on both sides due to knowledge of the recent battles on the continent.

They part as friends, and Mary with a promise of becoming better at showing her beauty to the outside world.

Richard is infatuated fairly quickly, which is quite adorable, even if he dismisses it, which makes the reader nearly despair. But when Richard returns from the front, injured and unable to walk, Mary plans to come to Derbyshire to see him again, since her heart is engaged.

At Woodly Manor in Matlock their mutual attraction grows and deepen, as Mary helps Richard regain muscle and feeling in his legs. The deepening of their attraction made this reader sigh and reaffirm my conviction of true love prevails- after one possible suitor, Richard storms to the rescue to win the heart of the woman who he has lost his heart to. And of course Victoria gives us another heartwarming and sweet ending. I loved it and can’t wait to hear the newly produced audiobook version of this charming short story.

“Rebellion at Longbourn” by Victoria Kincaid

Mr Bennet has died, and Collins has taken over Longbourn Manor, and is slowing destroying the childhood home of the Bennet girls who are being kept as unpaid servants for their “bed and board” in the manor. Though Elizabeth is slowly building a rebellion by helping tenants, getting livestock and getting the equipment necessary to run Longbourn to a decent harvest under the nose of Mr Collins and his demanding patroness Lady Catherine de bough. The Bennet girls even managed to drive a vastral of a steward away from Longbourn, and I laughed and applauded the whole way through it!

The courtship of Darcy and Elizabeth was fraught with difficulty, and Bingley made it back in the nick of time to save Jane. But of course true love prevails as always.

I laughed so heartily several places during this book, and I screamed and raged at it at other places, and even threw the book once. And once Darcy shows up, wow what a light show that starts by then. I loved every minute of it! Especially when the whole Meryton and Longbourn community rise up against Collins and De Bourgh at the wedding of Darcy and Elizabeth- for of course they do get their HEA! But Victoria wasn’t finished yet, nope, she had one more ace up her sleeve… You’ll get a hint, a female author wrote about it in 1792 and it made a very big impact later on for females.

I did love both books, even if I had taken quite some time to get through them. I have had quite a few reviews this summer, but hopefully I’ll get some rest in august, and the autumn during my language course in German. But I can’t wait to read more lovely books.

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