The Jane Austen Festival 2018

Another September is drawing to a close, and that means that the annually Jane Austen Festival in Bath has ended, yet again, and except with some rainy weather, it was another amazing visit to my favourite British city.

The visit started with a visit to Jane Austen’s house, 4 Sydney Place, where Christin and I took several pictures where I couldn’t keep my face straight from being so happy and pleased to be back with my regency sister in lovely Bath, a quick visit to the shops to get food and then off to meet with Elaine who arrived alongside of Emma and Gary.

After food and talk, we took a late night walk through the Gravel Walk, where I clearly could imagine lovers sharing a kiss in the shadows of the trees. My thoughts did wonder to the man of my own affections, at that point 😉😍

The next day started, with breakfast and dressing up in all our regency finery, for a day in the city, when we came outside it was raining quite a bit, so our first stop had to be a shop where umbrellas was sold, afterwards we made our way to Bath Abbey, where we, finally, met up with our dear friend Emma and her boyfriend, who we have heard so much about, Gary. We where photographed quite a bit in the Abbey, since we were dressed up as ladies of 1818, instead of women of the 21st century, which was another point which made us laugh quite heartily.

The next stop the five of us made was to The Jane Austen Centre near Queen Square, where we were greeted by one of Bath’s most well-known men, “Mr. Bennet” or Martin as we all know him as. Then up the rickety stairs to the tearoom where we got the full treat of “Tea with Mr Darcy” which included finger sandwiches, scones, and dainty small cakes and the Jane Austen blend tea, to which followed the exchange of birthday gifts to Emma, since I had received mine the evening before. It was wonderful to have a true and full afternoon tea with my dearest friends.

Then we made our way to the historical Assembly Rooms, where we had practice for the same evening’s Assembly Ball. It was so good to see so many familiar faces, and a few new ones as well. The dances was familiar when they caught up with you, and relearned with our hostess and caller for the evening. It’s not so weird that several of us have memories of being berated for laughing too much or not having our attention on the dances. After practice my friends and I returned to our small if cosy apartment just off of Pultney Bridge at Argyll Street, which couldn’t have been more central, we were 3 minutes away from Bath Abbey and 10 from the Assembly Rooms, so near perfect. Though one day, I want to try and stay at Bath Boutique Apartments or other spectacular places in Bath.

Though we got ready, for the ball, and the rain continued to fall, we called a carriage to take us to the ball. The Assembly Rooms was dressed and was looking wonderful, it was lit with lots of lights and the dinner rooms was ready to have the guests sitting for dinner. After greeting old friends, and catching up, the dancing commence. We danced and danced for two hours, until dinner was ready.

Dinner came and went, and after more talk, with new friends who was from Paris and we spoke of French Art, French Literature and Monet’s House in Gieverny. I love to hear French spoken correctly, especially by French.

The dancing recommenced and with lots of laughing and silliness we all danced all the night, until midnight. We took pictures, talked and laughed with our friends and acquaintances through the evening. Then sadly the ball ended, and it was a wonderful evening, with talk, flirting and lots of dancing. My friends and I returned to our apartment, where the talk continued until the wee hours of the morning.

Sunday morning dawned and surprise, it rained! Therefore my friends and I ended up in civil clothes, which was good since it was only 8 degrees. We had breakfast in the beautiful Pump Rooms, where talk ensued between the five of us; Gary, Emma, Elaine, Christin and I. Though I did regret that I hadn’t dressed up in regency for the mini promenade. But all in all, it was a lovely weekend. We walked along with the mini promenade, where the sun appeared, finally, and Christin and I got some amazingly funny pictures.

The weekend ended in London, with the flight leaving LHR towards Copenhagen. I cannot wait to go back, soon, 2019, already being planned 😉


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