The Autumn & Summer Gone

Hi Guys! Sorry I have been absent so long! Life happened sadly, but now I’m back!

Well, yet again the calendar states that it’s September and that means One thing and only 1 thing, namely; The Jane Austen Festival in Bath! And I’m going again for a few days to have fun with good friends who I have now known for 3, 4 and 5 years respectively. We are to attend the dance practice for the Farthingales Ball and Supper on Saturday afternoon, hopefully a visit to Prior Park, or so I hope if the weather will cooperate this year, the ball itself and the mini promenade on Sunday.

It has been a long summer this year, with university and practical training, and yet a fantastic tour back to the States and Bahamas.

August was in the sign of holidays, Florida/Fort Lauderdale where I haven’t been since I was a lass of 2 years of age. Bahamas was amazing, imagine crystal blue water, miles of white sandy beaches, green palm trees and cold drinks and leap of luxury at Grand Baha Hyatt Hotel outside of Nassau.

Bahamas is mostly known for its cigars, violent weather conditions during the autumn and winter season and tourism. Though for my visit, the whole point of the 9 day stay was to relax, swim, explore and just have fun. It’s not every girl who can boast of having celebrated her 25th birthday on a tropical island.

My twenty-fifth birthday started with waffles and fruit for breakfast and my sisters birthday gift for me; in form of a Rainbow necklace and the sweetest letter imaginable. When our waiter discovered it was my birthday, I was given a very fine dessert of chocolate ice cream with the proclamation; Happy Birthday from the kitchen staff.

The rest of the day was spent on the beach, with getting a golden tan and of course a lengthy long promised phone call from my boyfriend, who was out on assignment himself in the Baltic Sea. The family then treated me to drinks in the pool bar, during the afternoon and then dinner where I was gifted with a fancy new hair slide from the pets, a book of the most romantic poems in history; Shakespeare, Keats, Tennyson to mention a few and the most surprising gift from my parents was a white-gold ring with an emerald.

After 9 gloriously sunny days, the trip took the family and myself back to Fort Lauderdale and Fort Meyers, which is quite near the Mexican Gulf, where there was red tide which meant we couldn’t bathe in the sea. But we had rented a very large and nice house, with pool and a somewhat smart system to lock and open the house. Fort Meyers also meant a trip to Everglades National Park, to see gators and other wild life.

It was amazing to think that the last time I had been there, it was 1995 and I was being vastly unfair to my parents about driving so far, and my parents were therefore singing/humming the melody to Indiana Jones, which I do believe started my happiness with music. This time I was the one humming the melody to the music of John Williams from the Indiana Jones movies.

After 3 weeks of much needed holidays, I returned home to the news of a replaced practical placement in a kindergarten, which meant I could continue on with my class in December and only a week until the return of my boyfriend.

The reunion between my boyfriend Daniel and I were to say it in plain terms; passionate ❤️

Now, September means the Jane Austen Festival, for my fifth year in Bath. Amazing! Already 5 years! Be prepared for my blog about my weekend in Bath in 1818.


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