Interview with Gianna Thomas

And I’m back, dear readers! After busy weeks at university, and another passed paper yay! I have found time to do a small interview with lovely author Gianna Thomas, after reading her newest book, “Darcy vs Bingley”

Darcy vs Bingley

Thank you for joining me, Gianna, here on my blog, I’ll jump straight to my questions.

S: How did you get the idea for Darcy vs Bingley?

G: I woke up one day with the perfect set down for Caroline Bingley from Mr. Darcy and wrote it as a one-shot on Had not been thinking about writing that. It just came out of the blue. And it worked very well.

S: When were you first introduced to Pride and Prejudice? And Darcy, Bingley, Jane and Elizabeth

G: Years ago, I read Pride and Prejudice on my own. Don’t remember what I thought of it back then. However, in November 2012, I acquired Abigail Reynold’s “A Pemberley Medley” and fell in love with the P&P variations. I bought two more of her books and began acquiring more books over the next few months. Diana J. Oaks “One Thread Pulled” permanently set the hook, and I became an avid P&P what ifs fan. By the end of 2013, I had published “Attending a Ball” which was the first prequel for my “Darcy and Elizabeth Series” and added over 200 variations to my library.

S: Did you find the audience of Fanfiction readers helpful while writing the book?  Would you use Fanfiction again?

G: The FanFiction readers were a great help. I had only planned a one-shot as you’ll recall, but the readers loved it and wanted more. Did I want to do more? Did I have more to add to the one-shot? The answer was ‘yes,’ and I’m delighted they insisted because I loved doing “Darcy vs Bingley”. It would not have happened if they hadn’t clamored for it. I had also mentioned to the readers that I would consider suggestions because at first I wasn’t sure where I was going to take the plot. Several of the suggestions were excellent, and I did incorporate them into the book, and they made it better.

I had used FanFiction for “Darcy Chooses” posting when it was still being offered for pre-order as I’m doing for “Darcy vs Bingley”.  Since the new book will be in Kindle Unlimited, all but the first three chapters will be removed by April 24th as the book will be released April 26th.

I will use FanFiction again but not for my current WIP “Elizabeth’s Choice” the sequel to “Darcy Chooses”. The sequel to Darcy vs Bingley, which I hope will be released in the autumn, will be posted to FanFiction.

S: How did you come up with the funny moments where Caroline Bingley is made ridiculous?

G: I helped raise my three brothers, so I identify more with guys than gals. I’ve always had more men friends than girl friends because of my brothers and because the traits of some women, that I find in abundance in Caroline Bingley, are rather off putting. The catty comments and the tendency to gossip particularly malicious talk are major traits of Miss Bingley and are ones that repel me. So, I just increased her bad tendencies and wrote about the reactions I felt recipients of her sharp tongue and wrath would display. Especially if they didn’t take her seriously. 😊

S: Was any of the plot inspired by family or maybe even friends?

G: The scene when Richard first arrives was inspired by guy gatherings and the things they do or say.

S: Will there maybe be a sequel to Darcy vs Bingley?

G: Oh, yes! Darcy vs Bingley wouldn’t let me stop with just the one book. I mentioned a Caroline Bingley sequel to the FanFiction readers, and a number of them mentioned that they would like to see a sequel written. So, a sequel about what happens to Caroline after the Netherfield Ball and her subsequent marriage is being pondered for the autumn, and I already know some of the scenes that will appear.

S: Will you do a book tour? With a chance of giveaways?

G: I don’t do book tours. As far as giveaways, I gave two away with my monthly post on where I introduced Darcy vs Bingley. I also gave away eighteen ARCs to reader/reviewers for an honest review. At the moment, I’m not planning on any more giveaways for Darcy vs Bingley but will have at least two giveaways for its sequel in the autumn.

S: Did your new book give you a new view of Darcy and Bingley? And maybe even Elizabeth and Jane as well?

G: Yes, my Darcy was not so uppity and was attracted to Elizabeth from the start. Bingley had a bit more spine than Jane Austen’s. Elizabeth was not so prejudiced as she also was attracted to Darcy when she first met him. When Darcy refuted Wickham’s charges, Elizabeth was quicker to admit she was wrong about both of them. Jane is basically the sweet person she’s always been. I’m not sure that I could see her in any other role other than with a quiet and mild spirit.

S: Which of the Bennet girls do you prefer to write about? And do you have a favorite character from the original book?

G: Definitely, it would have to be Elizabeth. She and I have a number of traits that are similar, so

I identify with her readily. Again, she would also be my favorite character from the original Pride and Prejudice. Darcy is not very likable until his letter to Elizabeth. And though Austen’s Darcy is not very swoon-worthy at first, I try to make my Darcy’s a bit more swoon-worthy. Sigh! And, yes, I still prefer Matthew Macfadyen. 😊

S: And lastly is there a new project being written?

G: Elizabeth’s Choice was originally scheduled to publish in April, but it will be May or first of June because Darcy vs Bingley demanded to be written first. All I could do was go with the muse because my head was filled only with Darcy vs Bingley. Elizabeth’s Choice has been started, and I have part, if not most of the plot already mapped out. So, hopefully, I can stay on schedule.

And that’s it for now dear readers! Summer is coming, and I wish everybody a very nice summer filled with friends, travels and sun!


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