Review for Mr. Darcy’s Christmas Calendar 

Yet again Jane Odiwe dazzles me with her writings of time travel – Regency vs. Modern world. Her writing draws the reader into the story before half a page is read, and you are hooked on finding out more! I can only recommend Jane’s books! 

The scene sets in Chawton, Hampshire in England – the home county of Jane Austen. 

For me it was a happy revisit to see Chawton again, and Jane Austen’s house. It made it much easier to put myself into Lizzy’s shoes. 

Lizzy Benson is visiting Jane Austen’s home on the 1st of December. She meets a very unpleasant Mr. Williams, and a woman who I as a reader immediately recognised as Mrs. Bennet. In the museum shop Lizzy buys a calendar for December. Soon she is dressed in regency, and going through the house where she meets Lydia Bennet, alongside Elizabeth and Jane. 

A snow storm makes it impossible for Lizzy to leave that evening and she ends up in Jane Austen’s own room. And then the magic begins from the calendar which will change Lizzy’s life for good. 

During December, Lizzy meets a wealthy Wickham, the Bennet’s, Bingleys and Mr. Williams again, – but no Mr. Darcy. But a visit to Derbyshire changes the plot and we as readers are finally introduced to Mr. Darcy. As time pasts Lizzy becomes comfortable with her life in the regency times. And with each new door on the calendar opened Lizzy falls in love. 

She also helped Jane Austen change the plot of “First Impressions” to the plot we all know from “Pride and Prejudice” 

Well I better not say anymore except that I couldn’t put the book down, and it has a VERY happy ending. Definitely coming back to this book soon again – might actually try and read it as an Advent calendar this year in the run up to Christmas like some of my smarter friends did. 

One thought on “Review for Mr. Darcy’s Christmas Calendar 

  1. I adored this book! What’s so delightful about it (aside from being able to imagine you are staying in Chawton Cottage) is the format. I treated the book like a traditional Advent calendar, and allowed myself the pleasure of reading one chapter a day in the run up to Christmas. Perfect!

    It’s beautifully written and so evocative of the time of year as well as a satisfying love story. And the best thing is, you can pick it up every December and enjoy it all over again!


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