My Passion for Regency

3 Years have passed since I discovered the Jane Austen Festival in Bath. Since the first day, I fell completely in love with the festival, and the many options to explore and make new friends and connections.


That first year, I was the unknown girl in a turquoise blue gown, when I attended the masked ball in the famous Pump Rooms. It was like stepping through a looking glass into another world, I hadn’t known even existed before. I met so many kind and interesting people that first year, many of them whom I still are in contact with to this day. I was dead nervous at my first ball, but it was fun, and to add to that, I was taught my first proper regency dance by a very friendly Russian-American couple, and of course I was to meet most of my friends at this festival as well in the course of the next three years.

IMG_5130        IMG_4938  IMG_5133

In the pictures above, is myself from my first ball, and the Russian/American couple who taught me to dance my first regency dance.

“Pride and Prejudice” is one of Jane Austen’s novels, set in 19th century England; Hertfordshire, Derbyshire and London. Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet is the protagonists in the novel. Their first meeting starts off with a very famous line, “She is tolerable, but not handsome enough to tempt me” which sets the mood for a lot of the book. They trade insults, or banter in Mr. Darcy’s opinion, they are divided by status and family expectations but in the end love prevails after many trials and tribulations.

It was also in lovely Georgian Bath I met my best friend, Christin aka Elinor as she is known as in our group of friends. She is also my regency sister, and my best friend. Together with our friends, we have many funny hours together in England. She’s a German and I’m a Dane – not so terribly far from each other – country wise.

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In my personal opinion I couldn’t wish for better friends. Or better company when wearing empire waisted gowns, corsets and long skirts – we often have a good laugh. But it was how my interest for regency things, books, balls and music started. It took 1 ball, and I was hooked, and am still hooked on it.

As a Dane, I haven’t met others from my home country yet, but miracles can happen.


4 thoughts on “My Passion for Regency

  1. As a Dane you should find this interesting: I host and teach a monthly English Regency dance party in Pasadena, California, USA. The most recent person who joined my Valley Area English Regency Society group on FaceBook, lives in Saltum in Denmark, knows nothing about the Jane Austen period, and is unsure why he asked to join my group. Maybe you should talk to him. Send me a private message and I’ll identify him to you.

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  2. What a delightful surprise! Your first Jane Austen Bath Festival: The Russian/American couple who taught you your first Regency dance? I’m the one who taught THEM! They are my very close friends Israel and Alvira Klain who live in my town of West Hills, California. I recognized them in your photo. What a coincidence!

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